We have a winner!

Congrats to Rob (Allowat) on winning the 2007 NCAA Tournament Pool here at GreensboroSports.com. Your free meals tickets are on the way, just email Andy (durhamandy@hotmail.com) with your mailing address.


Thanks to everyone who joined in. Below are the final standings.

Rob and Don, finished tied with the same number of points and Rob took the title on the tiebreaker, most correct selections.

1. Allowat 115 (43 out of 63)

2. Don     115  (41 out of 63)

3. GreensboroSports.com 104 (41 out of 63)

4. ChanHarrison  78  (38 out of 63)

5. MarshallBrown 72  (42 out of 63)

6. Bruce             69  (40 out of 63)

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  1. Aggie Pride! Attempted Murder for DUI offenders! Replace Packer with
    Tolly Carr. Booyeah!

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