Is the Rev for Real?

The Greensboro Revolution, our indoor football team, is 4-1 after Saturday night’s win over the Atlanta Thouroughbreds.

The big question is, “Are the Revs for Real”?  The Rev won the game 23-21 and had a total of minus four(-4) yards passing.  I thought indoor football was supposed to be a passer’s paradise.  You have to be throwing the ball to be a legitimate team, and we mean throwing passes for completions and for big-time yardage.

The Rev can’t decide on a quarterback.  The original starter Mike Morrison was a fourth-string QB in high school at Dudley.  The backup, Colin Harris played in college somewhere.  The big runner is 38 year-old Willie Harris out of Grimsley High School.  The new wide receiver is Clarence Headen who played ball at Smith HS but never played a down of college football.  Headen is also playing defense and he thinks his work as a defensive back will allow him to leave here and head straight to the NFL.

The Rev is a running team.  Can a running team in the world of pass-first, run-last Indoor Football find a way to reach the top of the mountain?  Will the Rev continue to Run?  Will they ever take it to the higher level of Indoor Football and find success with the Pass? 

Atlanta came to town with only one game under their belt and dressed just 15 players when they lost to the Rev at the Greensboro Coliseum.  You’re allowed 21 players and the T’Breds came to GB 6 men short of a full load.

There are many questions to be answered as the Revs’ season rolls on, but the biggest one of all continues to be, “Is the Rev for Real”?     

5 thoughts on “Is the Rev for Real?

  1. Line up Don Moore, Chan Harrison, and the fat girl from the Mormon Church in front of me and we’ll run all over these guys. With Jock and DC at RB, we’ll just run the triple option all night long. We’ll stick Marshall out at WR to keep em honest.

    These guys don’t derserve to play in the coliseum. Heck, they don’t even deserve to play on Price Elementary School’s soccer field. The Revis Faux! Big time Faux!

  2. Hey Rob, don’t forget about me. It’s your cousin Eric from Louisville. We can
    take out the whole indoor league. I haven’t done much in Charlotte but baby
    it’s all going to change when I get to Greensboro. Save me a spot, my feet are
    getting hot and I can catch passes too. I’ll talk to Keyshawn and he may want
    to tag along and come up there with me.
    Eric Shelton former Carolina Panther runningback now GB Rev receiver………

  3. I don’t know what you are talking about Rob, I am already on the roster, just look under “Downtown” Doug Brown…

  4. Once again another article of Andy trying to put down the Revolotion. I guess you’re mad about them not wanting to advertise with you.

    What you left out of your blog was that the QB is fluid because of injuries. Way to get your facts straight. Also you didn’t investigate to find that the Thouroughbreds are loaded heavy toward pass defense. Throw in the QB injury situation and it makes more sense to run. That’s what winning is all about: adapting to the situation.

    Yes the Rev is a small-time team in a small-time league when compared to the NFL.

    But’s it’s like comparing this site to the News & Record: Not even close to being in the same league and yet you support it.

  5. But this site is free. People are actually paying, or not paying for a crappy venue when deciding whether or not to watch the Rev.

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