The Weekend in Review

It was a busy weekend for sports locally and all across the map.  The Greensboro Grasshoppers took three out of four from the Kannapolis Intimidators at First Horizon Park.  The Revolution won again at the Greensboro Coliseum.  The Carolina Dynamo lost in their bid for the National Cup but still managed to forge a tie at Macpherson Stadium.  The Southeast Guilford Falcons defeated RS Central two games to none to advance to the State 3-A HS Baseball Championhsip this weekend down in Raleigh.

The biggest win of all, probably Southeast Guilford making it to the state finals.  That is pretty darn big.  The Falcons will play Pikeville Aycock in game one Friday at 5pm at N.C. State’s Doak Field.  The Falcons have Austin Moyer, Cam Cockman, and Jody Hackett to throw at P. Aycock with Dustin Nelson waiting in the wings so the Falcons should be in good shape.

Maybe bigger than the Falcons victory was the lack of big names in the Top 5 for the Coca-Cola 600 at the Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Concord.  We had three people with 3 men in the 6-10 spots(nobody had a Top Five Finisher) and one man mentioned Kyle Petty in his comments.  The crowd is calling for Carl to be the winner and that is the way we are leaning.  What do the rest of you think?  Are you feeling the rub for Carl J Hawk III?

The Hoppers are really looking good down at FHP and the Revolution have qualified for the playoffs but the new team on the block seems to be the Carolina Phoenix.  The women’s football team is generating a lot of talk and much of that is being sent in my direction because of my comments at this site last week.  Woody Cavenaugh said that if I would quit laying around then maybe I might have time to cover the Phoenix and that I’m probably washed up and just plain mad that I can’t compete with these young ladies.

Woody is good writer and he has nice blog but if I’m slowing down then I must be missing something because the five miles I put in this morning went by pretty quick.  I have a tight schedule and don’t have the time to coach these women but if I did they couldn’t handle what this old hound-dog would be bringing to the table.  There’s not a soul in town that can keep up with me.  Like I said before, “Everyone is looking for a Leader, if chosen I will Lead the People”.

I completely missed the Chuck Liddell-Rampage Jackson fight but I heard that Jackson was the winner and he ended it in round one.  Anybody got anything on the UFC battle?

The Guilford County Sports Hall of Fame has rounded up some good comments at the Popularity Contest column.  I mentioned in the box that I ran into Al Thomy on Saturday morning and he told me that he worked on the selections for the first two Hall classes.  Al was helping Ed Hardin of the N&R who is in charge of the selection committee.  Ed told Al that Al Thomy would be going into the Hall with class number three but as it turns out, no deal.  Ed never called Al back. 

Al worked for ESP, the N&R, plus papers in Atlanta and Houston.  Al should be in the Guilford County and the NC Sports Hall of Fames.  Al said Ed is from Winston-Salem and what does Hardin know about Guilford County sports? 

Does Al have a point?  I’m with Al on this one.   Smith Barrier is already in the Hall.  Will Irwin Smallwood beat Al Thomy to the Guilford County Sports Hall of Fame?  What kind of rinky dink Hall is this group any way and with Charlie Harville in there Al Thomy needs to be right there beside him.  Al was promised that he would be in this recent class of inductees. 

Let’s start a movement to get Al Thomy in the Hall.  You can vote in the comment box below and we also want to know if Andy Durham is an Idiot?  I have a doctor’s appointment scheduled next week and need to know if it is worth it to see the shrink.  Hollar if you hear me and Scott Steiner you need to get off of those Steroids or you will be dead before you hit 50, at least that’s what Plowboy Roid keeps telling me in his E-mails.