Cockfighting, Dogfighting, or Dog Wrestling?

I was watching ESPN during my lunch-break at IPD Eatery on Tuesday afternoon.  The sound was down on the TV but the pictures told the story.  Dogs were ripping each other’s heads off.

This was kind of a gory sight to be watching while devouring a plate of spaghetti but I paid for the food so I’m going to finish it.  The dogfighting is a little too much for my blood.  The pictures of the dogs going at it and the winner going for the jugular, that’s some ruff ruff stuff.

The cockfighting is also cruelty to animals.  If they would just let the animals fight and there wasn’t so much blood-letting it might become a very entertaining spectator sport.  Cat fights usually involve more noise than they do punishment- exchange and they don’t seem to be on the center stage at this time.

The big issue is the dogfighting and if Michael Vick is involved they need to lock the sucker up.  Buried dogs on his property and relatives that are conducting dog fights in Vick-owned buildings.  You can only plead ignorance for so long.

The dog fights are ugly but a good Dog-Wrestling match could stir up some interest.  Put muzzles on the dogs and let them go at it.  Much of the battling between dogs is athletic behavior.  These dogs can go at it and they are true champions.  I have been impressed with the strength of the pooches.  You will need a trainer or a referee so if the Dog-Wrestling match gets out of hand then someone is there to break it up and stop it.

How about a match with man vs. dog?  Good wrestling is hard to come by these days and if the dog is wearing a properly installed muzzle then there shouldn’t be problem.  Years ago wrestling matches between men and bears were pretty common on the independent wrestling scene.

Any comments on the dogfighting?  It’s been all over ESPN and in the papers recently.  Any Michael Vick fans out there ready to Jump into his Corner?  Roll over and play dead and you might make it to the next match.

3 thoughts on “Cockfighting, Dogfighting, or Dog Wrestling?

  1. Animals just like humans have feelings too. The next thing you know you people will be promoting horse racing on this site. Animals are like humans and do not deserve to be used as pawns in your silly games. I once had a pet racoon and he was just like a brother to me.

  2. I think you are on to something with this dog wrestling idea. I would pay good money to see 2 well trained dogs wrestle each other. You could even have a tag team match between Junkyard dog and his dog versus Scrapyard Dog and his pooch…

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