Matt Brown Breaks $200K Salary Cap

The Rhinoceros Times is out with their Annual Salary List  – this week is City Of Greensboro employees. (Promised to be online at the Rhino by June 1, 2007)
Congratulations to Matt Brown.  He received a $26,843 raise this year, that puts his salary at $201,609.  This doesn’t include the various perks of the job (car allowance, cell phones, club memberships, health insurance and much, much more).

To put this in perspective, he makes far less than the Superintendent of the County Schools and a little more than the Grasshoppers’ SPAZ.  He makes $30,000 than his official boss (Mitchell Johnson – Greensboro City Manager); but nearly $75,000 less than the guy who is really calling the shots in Greensboro.