Public Enemy #1:You will be watching when Barry Bonds breaks the HR record

It’s hard to tell who the baseball fans dislike more these days, A Rod or Barry Bonds?  Fans have been all over A Rod lately for his romps through Toronto and fans are ganging up on Bonds with anticipation that sometime this season he will break Hank Aaron’s record for homers.

One thing that is certain is that you will be watching when Barry Bonds breaks the record.  The question is not will but when and where?  When will it happen is anybody’s guess and where it goes down or out is another interesting subject.

What network will it be on?  Does FOX have an angle on the record chase or does the run belong to ESPN?  Barry Bonds is Public Enemy #1 but love him or hate him the crowds will flock to watch him break this record in person and on the tube.

The sports talkshow hosts keep on telling us that they will ignore the event and mark that date on their calendars as a day or night to not be watching baseball.  They’re lying through their teeth.  They will be watching and all of you that are reading this will be watching too and it will probably have to occur at night because of prime-time dollars. 

Love it or hate it this will be history and when Bonds breaks the record there will more to talk about than ever before.  Will the commish be watching?  He may not be there live and in person but Bud Selig will be watching with baited breath.

It should happen this season and if Bonds goes on a tear it could all go down before the end of the first half but that is still doubtful.  One thing is for certain, he’s Public Enemy #1 and you will be watching when Barry Bonds breaks the HR record.