The Weekend in Review and What was Johnnie Morton thinking?

The Greensboro Grasshoppers had a busy two-day stretch at First Horizon Park with a win Saturday and a loss on Sunday.  Saturday night the Hoppers pounded the West Virginia Power 10-3 and then on Sunday afternoon the Power crushed the Hoppers 15-3. 

We need a pitcher not an underwear stitcher was heard throughout the stadium on Sunday afternoon but it didn’t matter because some days you just don’t have it.  Hoppers’ skipper Edwin Rodriguez pulled four position players after the third inning and then made other moves as the game wore on and I do mean wore on.

The only positive was the Zeke Jones siting out in the luxury box in left field just above the Cricket K Zone.  Zeke was in town to watch on as the 1,000,000th fan walked into FHP escorted by Mr. Bob Ruth, Miss Babe Ruth’s brother who was also in town for the big event.

The Hoppers got the split with West Virginia and are off on Monday before hitting the road for four games Tuesday, two at West Virginia-two at Kannapolis.

The Carolina Dynamo lost to Atlanta on Friday and then moved over to Tennessee and beat the Nashville Metros on Saturday night.  Our soccer team is 4-2-1 to start off the 2007 season.  The Dynamo will be back home Saturday night at Macpherson Stadium to take on the Atlanta Silverbacks once again.

The Greensboro Revolution are now 5-2 after dropping their second game of the year to Fayetteville on Saturday night.  The Guard smashed the Revolution 68-28 and the Guard has a hold on the indoor football league standings with a perfect 7-0 record.  Greensboro’s Antoine Calloway had seven catches for three touchdowns and 106 yards and he is still one of the best players to ever come through this area.  Calloway will always be a keeper. 

Interesting note from the game write-up in the N&R.  The Guard were coming off of a road win over Columbia last week which followed a two-week hiatus caused by a bye week combined with a canceled game when Fort Myers Tarpons players refused to get on the team bus until their back salaries were paid.

I don’t have any news on the Carolina Phoneix but if Woody Cavenaugh has some time in his busy schedule maybe he will pass along any new tidbits.  One of our readers Matt, I think it was, said he would be willing to cover the Phoneix and if he means it, I say go get it and we will print your reports.  

We will print any local stories that you may want to get published on this blog and if it is a local writer with a personal touch on a national item we can print that too.

To close out today’s session, I have to pose the question, “What was Johnnie Morton thinking”?  Morton was in the MMA Fight on Saturday night out in California and he got his butt kicked.  Morton  had his head handed to him along with his mouthpiece when they could finally pull it out of his mouth and it was all over in Round One.  Good thing for Morton because he was in way over his head.  Morton is the former wide receiver from Southern Cal and the Detroit Lions.

As I remember it, Morton was a pretty good football player and he should have stuck to the gridiron or to the waffle iron down at the Waffle House.  Did you see the clip on Morton?  I got a look at it on You Tube when Dan “the Music Man” Atwell pulled it up on the computer at the baseball stadium.  I went back by You Tube today and I couldn’t find it.  Have they pulled it down already? 

Brock Lesnar the former WWE wrestler who tried out for the Minnesota Vikings was on the same card.  Lesnar won his bout in Round One and it looked like Brock didn’t have any competition.  Lesnar in-Morton out cold in the MMA Fighting business and how many people watched this thing LIVE in CA.?  Did anybody watch it on Pay-per-view?  Chances are nobody would be talking about this one if Morton hadn’t got his butt kicked.   


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  1. Morton was out of his league in the MMA fight. Lesnar did not look too bad, but against a stiff. When he faces tougher competition, he may long for the days when he dealt with Vincent K.

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