The Quakers see the Light/The Guilford Patriots will finish under the Lights

The Guilford College Quakers have added four light structures and will be playing night football this fall.  The new poles are in place and I saw them with my own two eyes last night during the heavy rain storm at the campus off of West Friendly Avenue and New Garden Road.

Randy Doss, Dave Walters, and Ty Buckner, our contacts at Guilford must very excited about this step up for GC.  Improved seating has also been added to the visitors side and now Guilford should be able to host Penn or some of the the other major Quaker universities. 

Notre Dame may not be far away when Marion Kirby the “Q” AD is making out the new schedules.  Probably no Quakers and Irish but who knows what’s up next?  Guilford may be bringing back Elon, Lenior Rhyne, Catawba, or even Davidson.

A battle at halftime with the ex-Guilford football players and the Palestinians is still a bit of a reach and I’m sure that all of those folks invloved at Guilford are glad to be putting that chapter of their history behind them now.  There was a drop-in from the Reidsville News that one of the former players got into a fracus up in Rockingham County with a citizen of that fine region but that young man is no longer enrolled at Guilford College.

We look forward to the night games.

There will be an afternoon game at First Horizon Park today with the Guilford Patriots taking on the Randolph County Post 45 American Legion team.  First pitch at FHP is set for 6:30pm and the game will be a fund raiser to send the Patriots to Las Vegas for a big tournament this summer.

The game will start in the afternoon and will finish under the lights at the home of the Grasshoppers and the Patriots’ coach Justin Smith promises us that he will have his team ready to send a few baseballs out into the street and he means Eugene Street not Bellemeade Street.  If it hits Eugene homer-Bellemeade means foul ball. 

If you’ve ever been to the Stadium you know what I mean.  If you haven’t been to First Horizon Park you need to get off of your donkey and get out to see a game and you can start with tonight’s contest.

The Patriots have begun the season strong and come in at last look with a record of 7-1.  Randolph County always turns out tough baseball players and it will interesting to see how the Palomino baseball stacks up against the American Legion brand of ball.  If you can’t make to the game because of extenuating circumstances then you can listen to the broadcast beginning at 6pm on AM950. 

As Charlie Manson used to say, “We’ll see you at the Ballpark”.  Maybe that was Charlie Harville……….