Good Job Filing Time at the Grasshoppers Game

Friday Night’s Grasshopper‘s Game had a small glitch – The Game ended very early and the Fireworks Crew got lost (or something like that). It was still light when the game ended.

The Grasshoppers Staff stepped up and entertained the crowd to the extent that only a few knew the whole story. First they introduced the entire team – not a bad idea as this was the last game of the first half and we might now see a few of the players in the second half (promotions and other changes result in player moves). SPAZ and the promotions staff sling-shotted lots of T-Shirts into the crowd. Miss Babe Ruth played catch even as the Grasshoppers staff got tired throwing the ball to her – the players stepped up with long throws, that Miss Babe loved!

Finally, the Fireworks Crew arrived. Quickly, the show was loaded on the trailer and brought out on the field. The Fire Department carefully checked everything. THEN, they proceeded with a MANUALLY launched fireworks show. By MANUALLY launched, I mean that the Fireworks Wizard ignited each fireworks effect with a flare – OLD-STYLE.

Watching the interaction of the Fireworks Crew and Fireman on the field was as entertaining as the fireworks show itself. Despite the fast set-up, we had an excellent fireworks program – as many commented – the Grasshoppers do a better fireworks show than the city!

The Grasshoppers will be back home next Thursday and there are two more Fireworks Shows this month – Friday, June 22 and Saturday, June 23rd. The Grasshoppers have fireworks shows every Friday and Saturday, as well as the 3rd and 4th of July. Each show is different, so you don’t want to miss one.