“Nobody walks till the Bossman talks”

The piece that showed up in Sunday’s News and Record brings back memories of that famous radio phrase back in the late 8o’s that “Nobody walks till the Bossman talks cause he wants to make you a deal”.

It seems that Doc Martin is back in the area ready to face continuing fraud charges that go all the back to the early 90’s when Martin was scaming locals who invested in his World Cars Corporation. Martin left the Greensboro area and fled to Arizona where he had been hanging out for the past several years until the Social Security Admistration caught up with him.

Why is the Doc getting space at greensborsports.com? Well we had a comment in one of our boxes a few weeks back from a Doc Martin and he claimed that,”Nobody walks till the bossman talks cause he wants to make you a deal”. Looks like Doc or someone claiming to be him likes it over here at the site.

We also delve over into radio quite a bit and that catch phrase was all over the radio back in the late 80’s. POWER 97 would run that commercial till it was coming down Highway 29 South and headed right into your living room. Doc Martin’s Chevrolet up in Reidsville was known all over the Triad and beyond. The TV ads would say pull it, tow it, push it, I don’t care how you get it here get that car of yours up to Doc Martin’s Chevrolet in Reidsville and we’ll make a deal with you. Then the old man in the straw hat would say, “Nobody walks till the Bossman talks casue he wants to make you a deal”.

One of the most memorable automobile dealership ads ever. I would rank this right up there at the top followed by Bob Dunn’s, “We’re Dealing”(with the original Bob Dunn doing the ad, not the two Bozos that are doing it these days), Parks Chevrolet’s “You can talk Turkey for Chicken Feed because a little bit of scratch is all you need, Parks Chevrolet the little Cheaper Dealer”, and last but the current leader is, Mike Hogewood with C-A-R-O-L-I-N-A K-I-A……

When I saw the Doc Martin story in the Sunday N&R it made me think back to the Doc comment here at greensborosport.com and to all the great car ads over the years. Who can forget Dick Shirley’s Chevrolet, “Where you can buy the car you want to buy TODAY”. Does anyone else connect with the Doc Martin ads like I do? Remember, “Nobody walks till the Bossman talks, cause he wants to make you a Deal”.

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