The Benoit Tragedy Continues

More on the Chris Benoit tragedy today with random news and thoughts. The WWE and Vince McMahon remain in total denial about the steroid use because Vince has been seen by many as a big-time steroid user over the years right along beside his wrestlers, at least that’s the main word around the writer’s buffet table.

There have been 60 wrestlers age 45 years or younger to die since 1997. Benoit was 40. Sherri Martel died last week from an apparent drug overdose. Martel was an old lady in the business, she was 49.

The text message sent out by Chris Benoit was directed to Chavo Guerrero. It was about the open doors in the Benoit home and details about Benoit’s dogs. Reports:There were a total of 5 text messages, 2 from Chris Benoit’s cell phone and 3 from Nancy Sullivan Benoit’s phone. Sent one time-“The dogs are in the enclosed pool area. Garage side door is open”. Sent four times-“My physical address is 130 Green Meadow Lane, Fayetteville, Georgia 30215”.

Benoit’s 7 year-old son Daniel had Fragile X Syndrome which includes a number of symptoms such as forms of Autism, shyness, a slow body development and stunted growth. Neddle marks were found on Daniel’s arms where he had been injected with HGH(Human Growth Hormone).

Debra Marshall the former wife of both “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Steve “Mongo” McMichael has spoken out and says she saw “Stone Cold” Steve Austin using steroids. She says the wrestling industry is out of control. Stone Cold abused Debra. Marshall said,”I know what it feels like to have someone really big on top of you hitting you”. “I had him arrested for hitting me”. “I have a huge voice being that I was a wrestler, in it, abused and married to the top guy”.(Stone Cold Steve Austin) “I’m glad I’m still alive”. “I wish I had spoken up sooner”. “Steve was a major steroid user”.

One thing that has not been brought up in the recent discussions are the Chris Benoit concussions that he suffered over the years from the action that he was involved with inside the wrestling ring. Those concussions led to other drug use along with the steroids and sent Benoit into a very troubled life.

Benoit was one of my favorites because he was a small guy, not very tall, making it in a big man’s business. Benoit was intense and also a workaholic. He was very successful and made it the hard way, not having anything handed to him except for the steroids and they have proved to be his major downfall.

Benoit’s wife Nancy was married to WCW wrestler Kevin Sullivan and she also went by the names of Robin Green and Woman. As Woman, Nancy managed the tag-team of Doom, Ron Simmons and “Hacksaw” Butch Reed.
*****Portions of the coverage are coming from Wade Keller’s and they have done an incredible job of following this tragedy.*****

7 thoughts on “The Benoit Tragedy Continues

  1. This is sad, but also horrifying. I don’t think roids will ever be successfully fully taken out of sports. But one thing wrestling can do is rotate these guys. The only time they get off for extended periods of time is a serious injury.

    Wrestling is a 24-7-365 business. No offseason. If they could work it so these guys could get at least 30 days straight off per year just to rest their bodies, some of the drug problems would go away.

  2. Wrestlers are road warriors and some are even roid warriors. With all the travel and the time on the road it’s hard to believe how they could have any home life at all. The pressure to keep up the pace and to measure up physically is bound to take it’s toll.

    I just wish Chris Benoit and his wife would have been able to work something out for the sake of his son. Benoit had been seeing a doctor and his wife was seeing the same guy and from what I’ve heard much of the problem was coming from the difficulties surrounding his son. His son was sick and Benoit couldn’t take it and he was at odds with his wife about it.

    For all concerned I wish they could have gotten some help. Chris Benoit will still go down as one the greatest wrestlers of all time. His final match was one he did not finish.

    I hope we see him again some day. Saw this line the other day, ETERNITY-SMOKING OR NON-SMOKING?

  3. I think we need to quit putting these wrestlers on a pedestal. The are just waiting for a big fall and then everything comes crashing down. The lucky ones are those that get out before they die. Chris Benoit came to the end of the line. Drugs, alcohol, steroids, pain killers, muscle relaxers, growth hormones, these guys are living dangerously and dying hard. When you live like a wild dog you will end up in a heep.

  4. Much of the talk about the Benoit couple and their strained relationship stemming from son Daniel’s sickness is major damage control by WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt.

  5. You know something does not seem right. Why would Benoit, a power, pit bull-like man, need to tie up his wife to strangle her?

    It’s the conspiracy theorist in me, but is there any chance someone else did this to his wife? Then he couldn’t deal with it, had some sort of mental break, and killed his son and himself?

  6. They are trying to tie this death into a triology involving Sherri Martel(Russell), Kevin Sullivan, and Nancy Daus Sullivan Benoit. It would all be tied back in to Chris Benoit. This was Nancy Benoit’s third marriage and all them were connected to wrestlers. Not a good formula for longevity. We hope to have Bruce Mitchell in here with us at next week and maybe he can shed some light on the subject. He did an excellent piece on Benoit at the Pro Wrestling Torch VIP web site.………………………...

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