Will Ellis be Edited out of Gamecock broadcasts?

Former Page HS and University of South Carolina quarterback Todd Ellis has been in the news recently for what many in the Gamecock state are calling Bad Judgement. Ellis is a member of the University of South Carolina sports Hall of Fame and is currently the play-by-play announcer for Gamecock football.

The question about whether or not Ellis will continue to call the ‘Cocks games is up in air. Ellis is an attorney and he has also been doing some “other” work on the side for the past few years.

The work on the side had been as a spokesman and salesman for BurnLounge the target of a Federal Trade Commission civil lawsuit. BurnLounge is company that sells music downloads through it’s network marketing business. BurnLounge was due in court last week out in Los Angeles concerning the FTC’s claim that BurnLounge is a pyramid scheme.

Ellis is saying that he is no scam artist although he has made in excess of $200,000 during the past three years as a salesman for BurnLounge. Ellis bought a BurnLounge store, which is a company that distributes music via the Internet, and through network marketing he began to sell stores to others for $430.00 each. Ellis did not get South Carolina football coaches involved but he did recruit family and friends into the program and he used his Gamecock name and accomplishments to attract other potential investors.

Ellis has not lost his job with the South Carolina Gamecocks yet but he has hurt his reputation and admits he used bad judgement when he made the decision to get involved with BurnLounge.

Todd Ellis made more than $200,000 by being a pitchman and salesperson for the BurnLounge music distribution group but it may have cost him more than that in the end. It may have cost him his name and good reputation in the Columbia, South Carolina community and throughout the Gamecock nation and this may even hurt his name on Alma Pinnix Drive where the Page Pirates still consider him to be the greatest player to ever to wear the Red, Silver, and Black.*****Information on this story coming to us from The State newspaper out of Columbia, South Carolina; Ron Morris columnist*****

In somewhat related news, Cliff Ellis formerly at Clemson has been named the new men’s basketball coach at Coastal Carolina in Conway near Myrtle Beach. Ellis replaces Buzz Peterson who left Coastal to work with Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Bobcats.