Are the Grimsley football players Stupid?

What’s up with the Grimsley football team? Today’s headline in the News and Record reads:“18 ineligible in Grimsley football”.

The article by Robert Bell goes on to say the high number of academically ineligible players contributed to the former coach’s(Todd Shuping) resignation.

Was it really a resignation or was the coach fired? Who is at fault for the problems within the Grimsley Whirlie football program? Is it the coach? Is it the teachers at Grimsley? Is it the parents? Or is it the kids who are victims of a lazy society?

This could kill or ruin Grimsley’s upcoming 2007 fall football program. I am not here to spread doom and gloom and the title of this entry is not meant to make the Grimsley program look bad, but in all honesty we have some problems here and maybe we need to talk about them.

You can read the full details in Tuesday’s sports at News & Record.