Should the Lost Dimensions club be shut down?

The Lost Dimensions nightclub operates on Farragut Street just off of Randleman Road. The club is an Adult Entertainment establishment thats conducts business in the former Swain’s Charcoal Steakhouse.

For may years the club was owned and operated by former professional wrestler Harold Hadnott and his associate Mark Vance. Hadnott and Vance grappled on the independent circuit as the tag-team known as “The Dream Warriors”.

Lost Dimensions is making news again for all the wrong reasons. The city of Greensboro saw it’s 14th homicide of 20007 when a man was gunned down outside of LD’s in the parking lot early Monday morning.

The gentleman who runs the Budget Motel right beside Lost Dimensions says there have been many problems at the Adult Entertainment establishment. This is a rough part of town and the atmosphere surrounding LD’s doesn’t do anything to soothe those tensions.

Another murder, when will the killing stop? Is it time to stop Lost Dimensions in their efforts to entertain at the cost of becoming a “Public Nuisance”? Should the Lost Dimensions club be shut down?

I choose to live on that side of town and the Southeast side is becoming pretty darn dangerous. Where are Harold Hadnott and Mark Vance these days and I wonder if the “Dream Warriors” could have ever dreamed what a menace their quaint little club would become?

Should the Lost Dimensions club be shut down? (go to the News & Record website for more info)

16 thoughts on “Should the Lost Dimensions club be shut down?

  1. maybe they should look at better security this same thing happened at the red rooster and how many other places where some idiot with a gun was mad about something some other idiot said – too many drunk idiots with guns out there -maybe the best thing would be just to stay away from these types of establishments

  2. Wayne Williard of Precision Printing on Randleman Road has told me on more than one occasion that it is time to clean up this side of town. You are right in the long run it is time to steer clear of Lost Dimensions and Sheriff Barnes and GPD leader Tim Bellamy better get on this property or there may be more trouble.

  3. Shut the dump down. Burn the dump down and maybe we can stop the black on black crime that prevades the Farragut Street section of our city. Farragut is lose your gut, arm, leg, whatever when they shoot you and leave you to die in the parking lot or the wooded area behind the Hadnott’s Hideout known to the locals as Lost Dimentia.

  4. I cuss that place every time I drive by there. There’s no telling how many people have been murdered on that Farragut Street in and around Lost Diemensions.

  5. You have to be kidding me? Close down Lost Dimensions? Not a chance. Poor folks deserve to have a place to get their rocks off, or smoke ‘um, or whatever. Targeting Lost Dimensions for all the garbage on Randleman Rd. does nothing to solve the real problem of what to do with the dregs of society. Besides, if you guys get Lost Dimensions closed, where will these people go? You want them showing up at your Gentleman’s club? At least now we have them pretty much contained in the Southern portion of the Gatecity.

    A google archive news search yielded 10 articles related to Greensboro shootings and “Lost Dimensions”. A similar search yielded 91 articles, but that was using the term “Waffle House” instead of LD.

    Jump on my band wangon guys, we must close Lost Dimensions and all the Waffle Houses in the area. This will obviously end all the violence. Plus, it might cause this website’s writing staff to lose a few lbs.

  6. I used to work there and LD’s is not a safe place to work. I wish they would shut it down. I fear for my friends that are still stuck down there on that side of town. The Waffle House has excellent grits. Please allow them to stay open and by the way, do they have any openings?

    Shaquinta Tucker

  7. how about we merge the waffle house and lost dimensions and put them out someplace in the middle of nowhere in pleasant garden after they eat they can look at go-go girls and shoot each other

  8. You better watch what you are saying over here. They’ll be trying to gun you down like they are John Hammer from the Rhino Times. If you start a crusade to shut down a club you may end up with a closed for business sign across your forehead.

  9. I think that if we can get Chuck, Donald, Kim, Rob, Ms.Tucker, Walt, and even Andy and others all working together then we can save the Waffle House. Lost Dimensions is an eye-sore and we need to let it go.

  10. Name suggestions for the new merger… International house of ho’s and pancakes. Or maybe The waffle-ho house with drive by instead of drive thru. I agree with Rob, it doesn’t matter what you shut down on that side, the trouble makers and crack dealers will still be there unless you somehow drive them out of the area or get them off the streets.

  11. The other thing that should be mentioned is that this incident should not be considered a MURDER. If anything, we should be angry a the shooter for not capping the other two losers that were trying to mug him. Just another good reason to have a Concealed Weapons License. The more people pack heat, the less muggings we will see.

  12. I just saw a lady coming out of a package store on East Market Street and she was saying to all of those in earshot,”JESUS it’s hot out here”. She had just purchased a pack of Newports. TALK ABOUT PACKING HEAT, sweating like a hound dog and set to be smoking a pack of Newports in the 95 degree heat.

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