With 7 In A Row – You Get Snow!

Hoppers Win, Hoppers Win, Hoppers Win…..

Andy will have the details and I’ll post more pictures later. For now here’s two:
Natty's Hill
A soap-like substance was substituted for snow and it was a BIG success with the kids.

Snow on Kids
The substance stuck like soap. As far as I can tell, the stuff evaporated when contact was made.

Another home run by the Grasshoppers Promotion Staff.

One thought on “With 7 In A Row – You Get Snow!

  1. Don thanks for the Pics–since I haven’t yet been able to get to Greensboro and probably won’t this year, I enjoy seeing the action as best I can by listening on the internet and seeing your phots–The Kyle Winters Family in Colorado and across the country enjoy whatever we can get to see the places he is seeing and living in. Thanks Don–Kyle’s mom–Catherine

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