Donald Moore – News & Record Video Interview

Allen Johnson of the News & Record (editorial Page Editor) has a new video feature called “News Maker”. This week he interviews Donald Moore, the President of the Greensboro Grasshoppers. Not a lot of breaking news; but he does put all the questions and answers in one place – Why the Team and Organization is doing so well when hockey didn’t, what would have happened if they didn’t get a new stadium, Winston-Salem baseball, etc.

They don’t really let you link directly to the video, so you must go to the News & Record Website, and click to Multimedia. Here’s the link to the story; but often these links are not forever.

4 thoughts on “Donald Moore – News & Record Video Interview

  1. Allen Johnson might just be the worst interviewer who ever lived. I hope AJ does not aspire to be on 60 Minutes because it takes him about an hour to get one question out. You could tell by the look on Donald Moore\’s face that he was thinking, \”Geez, what a retard!\” A circus monkey could do a better job than this clown!

  2. Wow, Allen is pretty bad on camera. They should change the name of this segment from “News Maker” to “Snooze Maker”.

  3. Allen may not be Mike Wallace; but he’s out there doing the interviews. Which is more than we are getting elsewhere; even from the TV stations.

    We want to video tape interviews with people at Greensboro Sports; but we need people to interview and we need people to do the interviews….

    In the coming days, we’ll have info about how you can do this.

  4. Thank goodness that Allen’s blog is titled “Thinking Out Loud”. Lord knows, we don’t need him speaking out loud anymore. There’s a reason people stay in the newspaper business.

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