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USA Today and the Tennessean newspaper have run separate articles on the Pacman Jones story related to his potential involvement with TNA. Legal representation for Jones and the Tennessee Titans organization have both stated that Jones will not be allowed to wrestle for TNA per his NFL contract. However, his first appearance could come the weekend of Aug. 10-12, which would coincide with the Hard Justice PPV on August 12 in Orlando.

One of Jones’s attorneys, Worrick Robinson, said any appearance for TNA would not be in violation of his NFL contract. He said it would be strictly for “entertainment value.” He continued: “We are discussing different ways Adam Jones can participate, but it is not expected it will be as a wrestler.”

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  1. Did anyone see Kurt Angle’s wife Karen on TV last night? She deserves the Gold Medal, not for acting but for appearance. And what about wrestler Robbie McBride making the cover of YES Weekly last week. There’s a lot to be said for a BIG man drinking a BIG jug of Hershey’s Chocolate syrup.

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