Patroits pick up a Big win in California

The Guilford Patriots finally broke into the win column on Saturday out in California and they did it with a 10-9 win over the team from Juarez, Mexico. This was the first win for the Pats in pool play after being out-scored 23-0 in their opening games against very tough teams from Taiwan and Redlands, California.

Nick Rogers and Jody Calloway helped the team at the plate with 3 hits each. It’s good to see the Patriots pick up a win in the very tough Palomino World Seires but it had to be rough on Juarez, they didn’t win a single game in pool play.

As far as I can tell this Saturday game would be the last for the Patriots in the Series. The question is out there after the Series sand has settled. Which is tougher and the better level baseball, Palomino baseball or Legion baseball? What do you think? The topic was already bought up on a previous post and the comments were very interesting.