Is Barry Bonds the best hitter or biggest cheater in baseball?

What do you think, is Barry Bonds the best hitter or the biggest cheater in baseball? Bonds tied Hank Aaron’s record on Saturday night at 755 and now all of the talk is heating up.

Who did Barry Bonds hit his first-ever Major League home run off of? It was Craig McMurtry of the Atlanta Braves. Who did Alex Rodriguez hit HR #500 of off? It was former Brave Kyle Davies, now with Kansas City Royals.

The HR Derby mind-bender of the day is, we all remember that Henry Aaron hit the record-breaker #715 off of Al Downing of the LA Dodgers, but who served up HR #714 that allowed “Hammering Hank” to tie “The Babe”, George Herman Ruth? Who was on the mound when Aaron hit number 714?

Again our food for thought opinion question, “Is Barry Bonds the best hitter or the biggest cheater in baseball?”


  1. It is time that Barry Bonds gets the respect he deserves. He is going to be the home run king. That makes Barry baseball’s greatest hitter. Do the rest of you have a problem with that? Bonds is a winner and the rest of yu ar acting like a bunch of losers. JT says: STEROIDS RULE

  2. Barry Bonds might not be the biggest cheater in baseball because for a while there Jose Canseco was playing, but he has refused to bow out because of cheating the longest.

  3. All hail to King Barry. It’s time we give Barry his due. He is the Home Run King. Barry Bonds is the home run Giant. Le’s all pull together and give this man the respect he deserves.

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