Scrimmage will be Friday night, Not last Saturday, Not this Saturday:THIS FRIDAY NIGHT

The Benny Phillips Memorial Football Scrimmage will be held this Friday night at Simeon Stadium. The scrimmage was first reported in High Point Enterprise and was listed to be coming up last Saturday night. The next article in the HPE said the football festivities would take place this Saturday night. Now the football scrimmage is set for real this Friday night from 6-9pm at the Simeon Stadium in High Point.

The teams taking part are still slated to be High Point Central, Ragsdale, Eastern Guilford, WS Parkland, and Northern Guilford.

This will be the first chance for the fans to meet and greet new Northern coach Johnny Roscoe. Word has it that Roscoe has come in to the county and he plans to take over and rule the territory. JR is one guy that you probably don’t want to mess with. From what I’m hearing he wants to meet me and fight it out in the middle of Bunch Road out near Summerfield. I have way too many other fish to fry than to be meeting with JR in the middle of Bunch Road.

I want to meet Benny Phillips of the High Point Enterprise and find out what he has been smoking or breathing. It must be too many exhaust fumes from those NASCAR races that he has been covering for the HPE. BP has got the dates for the Football Scirmmage wrong three times in less than a week. Benny might be salvaging some of Junior Johnson’s old bootlegger jugs and using them for storing his Summertime lemonade. Phillips needs to start using those screwdrivers to fix his computer and stop drinking them.

The other big scrimmage will be on Saturday up in Rockingam County. It’s the FNB Southeast Football Jamboree with all four Rockingham County schools and four from Guilford. Reidsville, Morehead, Rockingham County, and McMichael will represent the Highway 29 North crew while Northeast Guilford, Southern Guilford, Southwest Guilford, and possibly Western Guilford will be coming from south of the border.

We’ll have more on this as the week progresses. I hope to have a reporter stationed in Rockingham County over the weekend and if he can finish his work detail for Sheriff Sam Page in time, we will have a complete report.