Tolly Talk:Jeri Rowe brings it home at N&R

Go back and check out Jeri Rowe’s piece in Tuesday’s News and Record. I have read quite a bit on this case but Jeri Rowe really brings it home.

Rowe puts it out there like nobody else has done. This man is telling it like it is and sounds like he is bringing it straight from the heart.

Rowe’s close is the best in the business. Just read the last line and you would think Jeri Rowe was a reader, and maybe he is.

Go to and you can probably still bring it up or go to the garbage can near the downtown public library and you can get my copy. After I read it I disposed of it properly. Remember you have to clean out your car every few days or you’ll be living in it.

I enjoyed the read and I think you will too. You can contact Jeri Rowe at……..