Missing Link Found: DEAD

Bryon John “Dewey” Robertson, who wrestled as The Missing Link, died this morning. His last evening was spent with friends and family visiting him in his hospital bed, where he had been for more than week. He was 68 years old.

In an autobiography released last year and available on many book store shelves today, he chronicled years of steroid abuse as a wrestler.(Cancer finished him off)

I watched Dewey Robertson wrestling for many years in the NWA Mid-Atlantic region and then saw him a number of times on World Class Championhsip Wrestling from Texas.

Robertson spoke of his troubled past in his book and he was flat broke when they came up with the idea for the Missing Link which started with Bill Watts down in Louisiana if I remember correctly. His theme music was “Bang Your Head”, and when he got his chance in the WWF he was let go after one main match.

Steroids, drugs, alcohol, Dewey did them all.*****This story broke at www.pwtorch.com with Wade Keller, Bruce Mitchell, and staff.*****If ever a man could have told you of his troubled past it would have been Dewey Robertson/Missing Link.