Grimsley Whirlies get BIG road WIN Friday night at East Wake

special to by Fred Harris on the road with the Grimsley Whirlies


Very entertaining game with lots of excitement for the first game of the season.

Even though the game included lots of penalties, dropped passes, fumbles, botched plays and even ejections the Whirlies prevailed 27-11 at the end.

1st Qtr-
East Wake opened the scoring with a 37 yd field goal at 5:51minutes left.
The Whirlies answered at 1:52 min. with a 32 yd run by QB Zack Maynard.

2nd Qtr-
Whirlies scored at about 4:43 min. on another QB keeper by Maynard.
East Wake right before halftime thew a long bomb and scored and converted on a two point conversion.

3rd Qtr-
The Whirlies returned to the “running game” that largely carried them to the playoffs the last couple of years primarily on the legs and power of David Moore. David had to go to the bench to work on some major cramps in his hamstring. Sophomore, David Ray came in and provided some spark at fullback and scored on a nice run of about 20 yds.

4th Qtr-
After a very emotional and “heated” 3 qtrs of football other running backs provided fresh legs and a worn out E. Wake defense allowed the Whirlies to take complete control of the game. LeSean “Lay-Lay” Brown scored on a 20 yd scamper.
As you recall he is only a freshman. When frustration ensued on the E. Wake defensive players, Whirlie QB Zack Maynard retaliated on a hard hit and push by a E. Wake player, and Zack was ejected. A few plays later another Whirlie DB Ramone Razollo was involved in another altercation and was also ejected. Back-up QB replaced Zack and worked the clock to perfection to end the game. The final score Grimsley 27 and E. Wake 11.

The six freshman including talented running back Eric Davidson did not see any action but they were in awe of the game and were very honored to dress out and travel with the varsity players their first year of high school football . The experience should help propel them to a win over over Nothern Durham next
Thursday at Grimsley stadium.