School Playbook and other sites

WXII’s parent company (Hearst Argyle) has a “new” internet initiative for High School Sports coverage. Instead of using their high priced photographers with their expensive camera equipment – why not get parents and students to send in their “home” videos for their TV station and website. Sounds good on the surface. WGHP and WFMY also do this, but not with the parent company’s push. They want you to help them make money while saving them money at the same time. For what??? A few seconds on a TV program that is losing viewers?

We do that here at Greensboro Sports as well; but unlike those other sites, we NEVER remove content. So if you submit a story, video or audio recording, it won’t disappear in a day.

Now for some GEEK Love. You don’t have to even use us. You can do it yourself – FOR FREE!!!! (Just tell us you did it so we can give you some link love.) Email < "">me and I’ll send you the basics for your own website.