Greensboro Grass-Hockey

Or I went to a baseball game and a hockey game broke out….

Rob Daniels of the News & Record has done a fine job with Thursday’s Rumble in the Grass. There’s also a story at Minor League Baseball.

I was out in the Grandstand when the first “discussion” broke out. I had my cheap (under $100) camcorder with me. The video was worthless as the teams were so far away. You really can’t make out who is who.

The second time, the camera failed. By the time I realized that the camera was not recording, the teams were walking back to their dugouts. Not that you can see anything, except a torn up infield.

We were very lucky as several fans were aware of the pitch in Kannapolis two days earlier that started this retaliation.

I don’t know what these guys were thinking – they probably weren’t thinking.

One thought on “Greensboro Grass-Hockey

  1. The pitch in Kanapolis wasn’t intentional. I talked with the pitcher that threw that pitch. He felt bad about it. I was also able to talk with their GM last night who was in the tunnel and on the field with me. He also states it was not from that pitch. There has been bad blood brewing all season between both teams. He is a great guy whom I ve known for years. Also present was John Henry Moss Commissioner of the South Atlantic League. Fox eight was there, but only wanted to shoot the ugly side of this event. Even when Rainner was announced MVP of the year he never shot any footage, but was quick to shoot the players as they were leaving the field. Also let be know(no names) I even saw one of our players give a hand shake and hug to one of the umpires after the game. So I only wish that if people and the media before blowing everything out would please come to the source and get the facts right. I was there and saw dignity with our team and nothing but trouble, and trying to get the hostile feelings from the Kannapolis team. I think they really showed themself’s and the crowd knew this as the booed them walking off the field and though the tunnel. Tonight we were ready for them. All security was in place and did an excellent job. I myself took a couple of punches in my back, but we got the job done and everyone was able to see the rest of the game. The fireworks show was great. So thats my take on this event.

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