Final 2007 Grasshoppers Fireworks Show

Friday Night was the last home game for the Greensboro Grasshoppers and while many will remember other events, I like to remind folks that we had two important presentations at Friday’s game:
– John Raynor – South Atlantic League’s MVP.
– Donald Moore – South Atlantic League’s General Manager of the Year.

If the Rhino’s Scott Yost had ever made a game, he’d be writing about John Raynor’s Smokin’ Hot Girlfriend. I didn’t get any pictures, like Yost does – may be I’ll do that next year…. “Babes at the Ballpark!” I’ll get a female buddy to get pics of “Studs at the Show” for the folks who would prefer to look at the guys.

For now, here’s the final 2007 fireworks show – enjoy: