Tracking ESPN’s Dan Patrick and Rick Pizzo of WFMY TV 2

Dan Patrick left ESPN on August 17 of this year. That was the final installment of Patrick’s radio show which he had been doing since 1999. Patrick, 51, joined ESPN on the SportsCenter show back in 1989 and was with that signature program until 2006. DP came to ESPN after working as a sports reporter for CNN from 1983-1989.

Patrick, whose real name is Daniel Pugh, had a love of sports(All-State high school basketball player) and used it to earn a basketball scholarship to Eastern Kentucky University where he stayed for two years. Then Daniel made a move transferring to the University of Dayton where he joined a fraternity leaving hoops behind. After his stint at UD, DP headed to WTUE radio where he was a Rock jock(1979-1983) for Dayton, Ohio’s hottest music outlet. Daniel Pugh knew what to do and by the time he was through he was Dan Patrick on his way to CNN.

When it came time for Dan Patrick(Daniel Pugh) to leave ESPN it was not without hesitation. What would Pugh do? The people at “The Price is Right Show” asked Patrick to audition for Bob Barker’s old job, but said Dan, “that’s not the plan”, and he declined their offer and the job went to Drew Carey, at least that’s what we’re hearing.

Rick Reilly of Sports Illustratd said, “Big Mistake”, just like when Shelley Long left Cheers and when Katie Couric said goodbye to NBC. Reilly, said Patrick would live to regret his decision.

Guests on Dan Patrick’s final ESPN radio show on August 17, 2007 included, Bob Costas, Ken Griffey Jr., Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, and Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy.

Again, the question comes up, “What will Pugh do?” Dan’s brother, Bill Pugh, is the head of programming at Sporting News Radio but the word that keeps coming out is that Dan Patrick will join a new Nationally Syndicated radio program via Chicago-based Content Factory. Until then you can reach him at You can also track Dan Patrick at

Rick Pizzo formerly of WFMY News 2 Sports has joined the team at the Big Ten Network. Pizzo is the host of Big Ten Tonight and is working with former Carolina Panther and Denver Bronco runningback Howard Griffith. Pizzo was with WFMY for nearly five years and now he is the man with the upstart Big Ten Network. Pizzo is the host and Griffith is the analyst for “The Big Ten Tonight”.

Sounds like a good run for Rick Pizzo and he will get National attention and he already has been seen by millions while reviewing the Michigan-Appalachian State football game on the Big Ten Network.

To see Rick Pizzo and Howard Griffith in action on the Big Ten Tonight show on the Big Ten Network go to

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