The Juice Is On The Loose…..

An afternoon of rain with resulting thunderstorms that wiped out Friday Football resulted in my choice of watching Weather Radar on the local channels or the OJ Watch on FOX. (I could have read a book, it would have been a better choice.)

It appears as if OJ Simpson has not learned about how to correctly investigate wrong-doing. He was busted for his investigation of satellite-theft. It now looks like he might get arrested for “investigating” the theft of sports memorabilia – some of it his own.

Last night around 7PM (Las Vegas time), OJ and some buddies he “met” went to the room of a sports memorabilia dealer to “buy” some items prior those items being shown at a sports show at the casino below. There’s a lot of he said / he said going on right now and FOX is in Full-OJ mode. It looks as if it will be round-the-clock coverage.

Apparently, there is some facts in play. There is some stolen memorabilia out there that belongs to The Juice.

Only, if had called the cops, or even hotel security, or even the paparazzi or even the local news. Everybody wants to be in the news. Now it appears as if OJ is back and it’s not looking good.

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