Akismet 20,042 – Spammers 0 / Ticket Scalping Explained

Over the night, our Spam Filter trapped it’s 20,000 Spammer Comment. We use Akismet Spam Detection and rarely does it block a valid comment. I check the filter everyday, so if your comment was not immediately posted, I’ll free it the next day.

Spammers are usually trying to either get link-love or promote some product. At a dollar a day per person, rooms of computer spammers work hard to ensure that they get a few through.

Rooms of low wage foreign computer workers are also responsible for breaking the system that prevent Ticket Scalpers from getting tickets. Have you ever wondered how 15,000 tickets can be sold in 30 minutes – That one Ticket sold every 0.12 seconds. Scalping has been outsourced to India (or other foreign country). With several thousand computer workers in high-tech call centers, it is possible to grab all the tickets preventing the locals from getting the hot tickets.

When a $56 dollar ticket to see a 14 year-old TV star costs $3,000 in Greensboro, somebody’s hand in Greensboro is getting greased. It’s a crime to scalp tickets in North Carolina; but apparently not to allow scalping – once that law is passed, then sanity will be restored.