Carr to the Buffet Bar

Cecil Carr was the winner this week in the Golden Corral NFL picks contest. This was a pretty wacky week with some less than credible results but we do have a winner and Mr. Carr will take his place at the front of the line.

Here are the totals and how the final stats looked: Cecil Carr 7-6 with 38 points on the Sunday night game, Hollywood 7-5(left out one game Seattle at San Francisco) 52 points on the Sunday night game, Big Jim 6-7, Johnny 6-7, Kim 6-7, Roch 6-7, April 5-8, Rob 5-8, Benny 4-9, Kenny 4-9, Marshall 4-9, Chuck 3-9(left out Seattle at San Francisco), Dan 3-10. The total on the Sunday night game was 19 points.

Again, Mr. Carr will be at the Bar.