Cena out 6-8 months

John Cena will out of action for 6-8 months after suffering a complete tear of the pectoral tendon in his arm during a match on WWE’s Monday Night Raw.

Surgery to repair the tendon and the muscle surrounding it was performed on Tuesday in Birmingham, Alabama by the well-known surgeon, Dr. James Andrews.

Cena will forfeit his belt and be forced to relinquish or give up the WWE World Championship. A new WWE Champion will be declared at this Sunday’s NO MERCY PPV. Those wrestlers in line to grab the belt include Randy Orton, Triple H, and possibly Umaga. We heard Ken Kennedy aka Mr. Kennedy’s name being mentioned yesterday but that does not seem to be the case today according to many of our sources.

You have seen the last of Cena for 6-8 months. Other wrestlers currently on the mend for the WWE include Bobby Lashley, Shawn Michaels, and King Booker. Booker T may not return at all but Chris Jericho is said to be coming back in soon.
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