Crawling through the Pipeline:Grimsley and NEG hit the AP Poll…..

Grimsley and Northeast Guilford are both ranked 8th in the state in the new Associated Press Poll that came out in today’s News and Record.

Grimsley is eighth in the state in the current 4-A poll and Northeast Guilford is number eight in the 3-A poll. Unbeaten Western Alamance is #1 in the 3-A poll and NEG plays host to the WA Warriors on Friday night.

Northeast Guilfrod could be without their starting senior QB Kendall Bratcher for the seond straight week. Bratcher is hobbled with a bad leg. If Bratcher is out then NEG would call on freshman Maurice Harris again to take over the quarterback spot and run the Rams.

Dudley also received votes for the 3-A rankings.

*****Grimsley will be without star runningback Keenan Allen when the 6-0 Whirlies travel to High Point Central on Friday night. Allen was ejected from last Friday’s game versus WS Reynolds when he showed off while running in for a touchdown on a pass from his brother Zach Maynard.

The extreme showmanship and taunting of the opponent resulted in the ejection and when your are ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct you have to sit out the following game. QB Zach Manynard of Grimsley was ejected from the East Wake game and had to sit out the following week vs. Northern Durham, a game which Grimsley won in Double OT.

This will create an extreme test for the Whirlies when they take on the High Point Central Black Bison. Grimsley needs some real leaders to step up and take charge of the team.*****

15 thoughts on “Crawling through the Pipeline:Grimsley and NEG hit the AP Poll…..

  1. Everything is fine with the Whirlies. We know what it is to be #1 in the Metro. High Point is just a bump in the road on the way to the 4-A Finals. Page better feast on them Golden Eagles because when the Pirates come over to Grimsley it is all over for them, there goes another chance at conference title for Page and chalk up another one for GRIMSLEY.

  2. The football team is going to be like the girls basketball team at Grimsley—runner up U—I am still trying to find state championships for the Whirlie football and girls basketball teams—if you want to see what a state championship banner looks like go to the High Point Central gym, they are there for football and girls basketball.

  3. All we care about is what’s going to be going on come this Friday night. We are
    6-0 and you guys are 2-4. Who cares about what your team did 15 years ago. I bet your players will be shaking in their cleats come Friday. Central is all talk and so is PAGE. Who’s #1, WE ARE, at Grimsley High School and don’t you losers over in High Point forget it. We are focusing on 2007 and your people are still stuck in 1987.

    The only games that count are our 6-0 and number 7 that’s in the bag on Friday at High Point Central. We are coming for you, are you Bison extinct again? Who shot the Bison? They got blown away by a Whirlwind from Grimsley.

    High Point? It will be the low point of your season come Friday night. Bring your girls out there, we’ll beat them too. And your old lady, chub.

  4. What r we talking bout here? Everybody knows PAGE has more football titles than High Point. When Coach Kirby was at PAGE and we had Todd Ellis PAGE could not be stopped. I’m sure the High Point girls could kick the High Point boys buttttttts. PAGE IS THE WORD and Grisley is still trying to catch up with our overall record. Keep on trying Grisley.

  5. Andy, I’m not sure what to make of your ranking Northern’s JV’s ahead of Smith’s varsity. Would the young Nighthawks win head-to-head? Is that what you’re saying? You’re probably right. Good for a chuckle anway.

    If you’d like to see how the N&R voted in the AP polls (and our own Mighty 9), go here: (2nd item on page). I’ll update the Kendall Bratcher situation and what I’d blogged on Keenan Allen in Friday’s N&R.

  6. I do not believe the coaches can control the players these days. You got too many parents sticking their noses in where they don’t belong. Let the coaches coach and tell the parents to stay home.

    Guilford County is being run by a bunch of coaches who have no backbone at all and all they are doing is cow-towing to the parents. I know for a fact that several teams are being run into the ground because the parents won’t stop interfering.

    Herb Goins needs to clean house and restore order in our athletic system. Who cares if you win all the games and nobody is having any fun. This ‘aint fun no more and that’s why so coaches many are quitting.

    There’s a fox in the henhouse.

  7. It’s good to have Jeff Carlton of the News and Record joining in on the discussion. Northern needs some pub and Smith needs to read the poll, get mad, and win a ballgame. NEG beat the Northern JV’s and NEG is 5-0 but this is the only way for Muhammed Kellis, Rocco Scarfone, Bob Hicks and others to get in the poll. Northern is up and coming and they need to voice their opinions here at like Brandon from NEG did last week. Check out Jeff Carlton in Friday’s N&R and watch for more of Jeff’s commenets here on what we hope will be a regular basis when Ruppert Murdoch buys us out in 2025.

  8. Andy, about what you were saying about Smith getting mad, and winning a ball game. They might, but not tomorrow against Page. Page will easily hang 50+ on Smith.

  9. Let’s see if we can’t get a Special Post-Season game with Smith vs. the Northern Guilford JV’s at Guilford College. Charge everybody a $1.00 to get in and give the proceeds to a charity like the Salvation Army’s Thanksgiving meal fund.

    Play the game the Saturday night before Thanksgiving, Guilford’s season should be over by then. We’ll get some local refs to donate their time and we can have a major challenge on our hands. This would get great pub for Guilford and give Smith a chance to win a game and NGHS a chance to see if they can beat a Varsity team.

    Let’s get this Challenge out there…Smith do you want some? Northern can you beat the Smith Varsity team? Do we have any takers? If I have to I’ll play one half for each team on defense and I won’t wear pads. I will be wearing pants, Thank-you…….

  10. Yeah I’d watch Northern JV vs. Smith varsity. But it seems to me like that is kicking an eagle when it is down. Back to HPC, C’mon really? You want to talk about Grimsley and Championships? Really? Grimsley owns the Metro 4a and it will be that way for a long time. GO WHIRLIES! Oh yeah, GHS 31 HPC 6.

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