Don’t Mess With MOM, when Dad is a Lawyer

WGHP is reporting on a mother that is suing TicketNOW on the Hanna Montana concert situation.

It’s fairly simple, the coliseum has a dozen local windows to sell 13,000 tickets. The Ticket Brokers have hundreds of workers in Internet Boiler Rooms buying tickets in accordance with the regulations. The local buyers loose every time.

The coliseum’s Andrew Brown says it is out of their hands.

Actually, it’s not. It’s just that nobody want to address the problem of scalping. Brown correctly points out that scalping organizations routinely join fan clubs in order to obtain pre-release tickets. Internet sales makes it possible of hundreds of tickets being sold in minutes. It’s more efficient that the manual process.

So we must blame efficiency for a $56 ticket no longer available locally, selling for $3,000 on the Internet.

How can we solve the problem? It’s real simple, tickets go on sale locally ONE DAY before the Internet. Remember when you could buy tickets at Belk’s, Kroger and other outlets. No major problems with scalpers (at least that we heard about). Local ticket sales mean local people get tickets.

All Andrew Brown and Matt Brown need to do is ASK the promoter for that simple requirement.

Could it be any easier??? If the promoter refuses, let the public know. It makes the coliseum look like winners!