High School football Saturday morning Rewind

I am going to try and go back and re-broadcast Friday night’s Northeast Guilford-Western Alamance game for you here on the web site this morning. This will be a complete play-by-play of the entire game. Let’s begin with the Sprinkle pre-game show; well maybe not such a good idea but the game was being played back on 920AM with Byron Tucker and Joe Jones on the call of the WA coverage. We need to try and review all of the Guilford County finals on this cloud-covered day from downtown Greensboro so let’s get to work.

We went 10-1 on our picks, with the only question being on the Northeast Guilford game where we said Western Alamance would win if QB Kendall Bratcher didn’t start for NEG and he did not start but he played most of the game but he was probably playing at 80%. WA defeated NEG and the Warriors move to 8-0 and are ranked #1 in the state in the 3-A polls. Western is led by Donald Britt and Levon Curtis. Curtis is a senior and Britt is a junior and the Warriors are pretty much a two-man team.

WA used an on-side kick, a halfback pass for a TD, and put an extra touchdown on the board as the clock was running out to win it over NEG 28-14. Did WA need that extra TD? WA coach Hal Capps said yes, and NEG’s man Tommy Pursley said no, no, no, no, no……(I thought the Warriors would run out the clock with a 21-14 lead and just 1:40 left to play on a 2nd down mid-way into NEG territory.)

Tyler Woods(100 yards on the ground) was another strong point at RB for NEG and we will see them again in two weeks over at Dudley. NEG is now 5-2 and 1-1 in the Triad 3-A Conference.

The only game we lost out on in our picks was the Eastern Guilford-Atkins game with the EG Wildcats falling to the Camels 34-31. The Camels shredded the Wildcat defense picking up 268 yards rushing and 198 through the air. Eastern’s Gerrod Herbin ran for 221 yards and scored 2 TD’s while EG kicker Will Gann converted all of his extra points and had a 32 yard field goal.

Southern Guilford floored McMichael 34-3 with Will Graves rushing for 148 and WG had two TD’s for the Storm, while QB Antonio Martin threw 3 TD passes and on defense Kencie Brewer had another outstanding game. Brewer is one of the best defensive players in our area. Northwest Guilford ran into an offensive buzz-saw in Kernersville as the Vikings fell to East Forsyth 30-21. For the EF Eagles it was 292 on the ground and 125 through the air and NWG was going all ground with 381 yards rushing. Zack Lewis, Chase Hoke, and Sean Ples played well for NWG but it wasn’t enough as the Viks go to 2-5. Danny O’Brien, the Irish QB, was the man for EF. DOB is being scouted by ND.(Notre Dame)

Paul Lambeth had the write-up for us on Grimsley’s win over High Point Central 31-6 and the Whirlies must start getting ready for Page today. Page led Smith 45-0 at the half and went on to finish off the Eagles winning 47-8. Pirate QB Will Newman threw for 3 TD’s and ran for another score but how much did Will play in the second half and did the Pirates call off the dogs? Page will now turn their attention toward Grimsley as the battle lines are being drawn up and down Westover Terrace and Lawndale Drive and on over to East Cone and Alma Pennix Drive.

In Jamestown, Ragsdale’s Josh Clark and Sean Cathey ran for 4 TD’s each as the Tigers nearly broke the scoreboard winning 60-15 over Trinity. RHS is now 6-2 overall. Southeast Guilford moved to 5-2 as the Falcons flew into Asheboro and came out with a 14-7 victory over the Blue Comets. SEG’s Carl Offord ran for both TD’s and the News and Record said Rahmode Boston kicked the extra points but I thought Terrance Topps was the SEG kicker and also would have handled the fake punt and fake field goal passes for the Falcons to Anderson and Webb. Does anybody know, is it still Topps? Also SEG ran for just 146 yards on 52 carries, that’s what you call grinding it out.

In Winston-Salem, the Carver Yellowjackets ran over the Southwest Guilford Cowboys 39-7 with the Jackets rushing for over 300 yards on the Boys. Jackets 6-1, C’Boys 2-5. Glenn was tested but the Bobcats go to 7-0 after their 21-7 win over High Point Andrews. I don’t ever remember a time when High Point Central and High Point Andrews have been a combined 3-10 overall.

The Dudley Panthers made us proud as they spoiled Morehead’s homecoming up in Eden taking care of the other Panthers 26-0. Dudley ran the ball 60 times for 439 yards with Kyree Ward gaining 208 and Joseph Jackson getting 133. Coach Steven Davis has his DHS team at 7-1 for 2007.

It’s Grimsley-Page or Page-Grimsley coming up this week, ARE YOU READY?????

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  1. I knew it was just a matter of time before Ragsdale got that potent offense cranked up. Heavner completed 16 passes to 7 different receivers. Clark and Cathey both ran hard behind a great offensive line effort. Sophomore Desean Anderson turned in a complete game with booming punts, an interception and some big offensive plays.

    Ragsdale needed a game like this.

  2. Mark T, I would assume, good to hear from you again. Send us more info on Ragsdale if you get it. The Tigers are tough and who do they have coming up next? Do you think they can run the table in the Mid-Piedmont 3-A. ER and SEG have already fallen to the Tigers, how about the rest of the way? Mark who was that High Point Central runningback who was with the Black Bison back in the late 1970’s and many fans in the area thought he was a better back than Ted Brown or Ricky Adams, and maybe even better than Toney Baker? AD

  3. Grimsley-Page will do just fine. Yes, they do need to start preparing for Page.Bing a whirlie, I am well aware of being on the losing end of this long time rivlary. I also know that when these two teams play,the rankings and records go out the window. I was there when we beat an undefeated Page team in ’99 for the first time in 27 years. Hopefully.the best team will win Friday night, and that is THE Grimsley Whirlies. Class of ’03

  4. This sets up to be a really good game. Will Newman and the Page O, will look to exploit the Grimsley defensive secondary. The Page defense will have to step it up for this game. Each team will have to cut down on the penalties, they both usually have a lot (around 100) each week. Another thing to think about is the Grimsley fumbles, they have had 7 in the past 2 weeks, and all 7 of them have been recovered by the opposing team. Turnovers like that, in a game this big will cause either team to lose, Page or Grimsley. This game will come down to turnovers and defensive play.

  5. I agree turnovers will be huge, especially for Grimsley. If Grimsley can establish an early lead and maintain a constant run threat with their stable of running backs (Allen, Moore, Ray, Brown) things will be alright. But if Page can score early and effectively pass the ball as they have shown they can do, who knows? The one weakness Grimsley has shown besides penalties and fumbles is the Defensive Secondary. But I have faith in Coach Saunders and Coach Anderson. GO WHIRLIES!

  6. I know everyone thinks you have a big game this week, just remember Thomasville is the talk of HS football in NC—43 in a row and still going strong.

  7. Andy, Will Newman only played the first half and Page called off the dogs the entire second half.

  8. I checked my Southeast Guilford roster and like Willie said, Topps is still the SEG Falcon kicker, Boston is listed with Topps old number, it’s a mix up in the #’s 3 and 25 and Topps is still the man pulling off all of those fake punts and passes and Joey Hackett the SEG special teams coach is the man calling the plays. I got more word on all this at Church this morning from the PG insider Mr. Don Venable at the PGUMC.

  9. Topps has to be the best athlete in the state at the P/K positions. It would be nice to Southeast get this kid the ball in space so we can see what else he can do. Venable and Bell need some help. Plus, how do have a 6’2″ kid at WR (Ricky Ellison) and not get him the ball.

  10. You are right about SEG they need to open it up a bit. In other news it is now officially on at Grimsley. The barricades are up at night blocking off the campus and they are leaving the lights on all night long every night this week at Jamieson Stadium and on the baseball field as well and I would expect the tennis courts to stay lighted too.

    IT IS ON BETWEEN PAGE AND GRIMSLEY AND THE BATTLE LINES HAVE BEEN DRAWN IN THE DIRT OUTSIDE OF THE TWO CAMPUSES, you can’t draw in the grass the drought has killed all of the foileage and it makes for good drawing in the sand. Like step across this line or step in this circle, the kind of things Ron Howard was referring to on the Andy G. Show.

  11. Does a lot a vandalism still occur in the Page-Grimsley rivalry? I always thought Greg Franklin was a victim of racial profiling when he was caught spray painting the Pirate band’s buses back in the late 80’s.

  12. Thanks for the tip on Topps. Our correspondent at the game was working off an old roster that no one had updated. We’ve updated the online version of the story.

    @ Rob – I suspect there’s less pre-game vandalism than there used to be because both campuses go into lockdown the week before the game – campus roads are barricaded, police are watching closely, kids are threatened with suspensions if they’re caught on the other campus, etc. Doesn’t mean things don’t happen. A few years back, someone dyed a sheep red and turned it loose inside of Jamieson. But it was raining, and by the time someone noticed the animal it had gone pink.

  13. I believe the Homecoming Parades were stopped because of all the flying eggs up by the IHOP on Westover Terrace. QB Greg Franklin’s old Grimsley teammate WR Bernard Farrington is now an assistant coach with the Whirlies and their other ‘mate RB Shawn Brown is AWOL.

    *****John, no problem with the tip on Topps. I think the N&R and GREESBOROSports.com need to continue to work together on all of these projects.*****

  14. Colored farm animals, filling the Grimsley pool with red kool aid mix, Pirate or Whirle flags up greased poles, dying Mr. Puryear’s hair a disgustingly red shade. I always thought these were just old wives’ tales. Glad to hear that the farm animal coloration actually happened.
    As for Mr. Puryear’s hair? Word was that it naturally a horrible shade of red, but I know for a fact that it was rumored his hair was a victim a one of Jim Woody’s biological terrorism expiriements. “Son of Flubber” had nothing on these guys.

  15. Spray painting sewer rats red and letting them loose in the Grimsley gym. The cheerleader “manikins” from 2006.

    Since the schools are on lockdown, alot of vandalism has been going on in the neighborhoods where the students live. Which imho, is worse.

  16. It seems that SEG no longer has players playing both offense and defense. Venable looks to be playing just defense now and unfortunately Damon, I have no answer to your question about the 6’2 WR not getting the ball. SEG is a running team and that’s the way it’s always been and always will be. I sure would love to see them throw the ball more too!

  17. I heard that RB/ #4 Nick Bell of Southeast is receiving a lot of resistance and could use some help on the outside.

  18. We need to get some Dudley talk going on around here. The Panthers are starting to come together and I feel like if we played Grimsley again at this stage of the season that Dudley would win.

    We are ready for Northeast Guilford and we have already beaten Page. Keep your eyes on the Panthers cause we are ready to move on into the state polls. Northeast should drop out and we should move on in.

    Dudley is your team for the rest of the season and our cheerleaders and band are ready to take over too. How bout some Dudley Pride on this side of town, we are the Beast of East Lee. Can you dig it suckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Andy,

    Yep that’s me. I know this comment will get lost in all the Grimsley-Page talk but Ragsdale is definitely the favorite to run the table in the Mid Piedmont. ER and SEG already in the win column with Asheboro at home the last game of the season being the only likely test.

    Up next is the other RHS Tigers in the conference – the Randleman Tigers. Randleman is 2-0 so this is for first place. Would love to see a close game down there but Ragsdale should win big. Ragsdale has that offense primed now.

    As for the High Point Central back – I can’t say I remember the name. I do know Central won the 4A title in 1980. But whatever his name may be – no way could he be better than the one and only Toney Baker. Best I ever saw. And I was lucky enough to see two seasons of Ricky Adams back in the day. He was pretty incredible as well.

  20. The crazy thing about Ragsdale with Toney Baker is that the Tigers never won or even made it to the Title game while Baker was at the Jamestown campus.
    Adams has two rings, for the tie in ’73 and outright in ’74. I wonder how this year’s Ragsdale squad would match up with Western Alamance? Can anyone, 3-A, stop Donald Britt, Levon Curtis, and WA?

  21. I am working on an idea for tomorrow, we’ll have the HS Poll on Thursday, and then the HS predictions on Friday. We may go ahead and start an early pool on the Grimsley-Page game on Wednesday.

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