We’re watching UGLY football

The Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints just played one of the sorriest excuses for a professional football game that I have ever seen. I thought at times they were playing a on joke on us and this really wasn’t a football game.

To me the Panthers were pathetic and the Saints were not any better, in fact they were worse. Three points in the negative for the Saints. The Saints throw an interception and give the Panthers the ball, and then David Carr the Carolina QB throws it right back to the Saints.

The Panthers’ Julius Peppers blocks a Saints field goal with his elbow because Orlando Mare never got his kick off the ground. If not for the man who always bails the Panthers out in these “we’re goners situations”, Carolina is in the garbage can again.

John Kasey saved the day again, and he might have saved the Carolina Panthers season. Kasey the kicker and Carolina wins one the ugliest games you will ever watch. What was that final score again, 16-13? And the Panthers just beat an 0-5 team…..

Please someone help the Panthers because they are BAD and David Carr is not the answer. What are they going to do? We must never forget, they are our in-state team and all we have to see on FREE TV on Sunday afternoon after church.