Health Scare At NASCAR Tracks????

The folks in Washington are touring NASCAR tracks to see how the authorities are prepared to handle health and other emergencies. Unfortunately, they were advised to take the same precautions as they might take if they were visiting a third world country. Staff who organized the trips advised the NASCAR-bound aides to get a range of vaccines before attending — hepatitis A, hepatitis B, tetanus, diphtheria and influenza.

Congressman Robin Hayes heard about the precautions and is steamed about it.

I’ve been to NASCAR races and I’ve been to Washington, DC. As much as I like both, I’d be more worried about catching something in Washington than at any NASCAR Race.

3 thoughts on “Health Scare At NASCAR Tracks????

  1. I have to agree with you – I think the worst thing you have to protect against at a NASCAR race is some shirtless, sweaty drunk guy on the bleacher next to you. He might spill his beer on you…

  2. I have been to several nascar races. The only health risk I know of is breathing in raceing fuel at the start of the race. Forget Washington anyway, open North Wilksboro back and give Rockingham back two races.

  3. The Dems are at it again. Why do these dumbass liberal elitist hate average Americans so much? Give them hell Robin and show them that decent Americans, with values won\’t put up with their gay loving, pinko commie bull shit anymore!

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