Golden Corral NFL picks contest

Rob’s selections:
St. Louis vs. Baltimore (BLT) – With Bulger and Jackson on the injured list, we’re not giving the Rams much of a chance in this one. We expect a low scoring affair with Baltimore doing just enough to take care of business. Ravens by seven.

Minnesota vs Chicago (CHI) – Chicago’s offense has gotten a great shot in the arm with Brian Greise at QB and it’s defense became the prime beneficiary of the change against Green Bay last week. Minnesota has a great defense, good receivers and serviceable backs. What the Viking’s don’t have is a consistant QB. Bears by 10.

Miami vs Cleveland (CLE) – It’s mind boggling that a squad like Miami with a RB like Ronnie Brown are winless at this point in the season. It’s also strange that a team like Cleveland has played above expectation at this point in the year. Miami will eventually get a win, but not against the Browns in the dog pound. Cleveland by three.

Washington vs Green Bay (GB) – The Redskins looked good last week. Green Bay, on the other hand, lost an important divisional game at home. It’s hard to envision the Packer’s turning the ball over five times this week. Green Bay by 10.

Houston vs Jacksonville (JAX) – Has Houston lost its early season luster? Is the Jaguar’s offense as bland as Smitty’s Home Made ice cream? Houston squeaked one out last week against Miami’s second string QB and given the injuries they have sustained, look to be headed downhill, fast. Jags by a TD.

Cincinnati vs Kansas City (CIN) – The Chief’s played awful in Arrowhead last week. Herm Edwards better turn it around or he’ll be looking for a job come January. The Bengals have taken their lumps this season, but look for Carson Palmer and Co. to lay a mighty beatdown on these guys. Bengals by 20.

Philadelphia vs NY Jets (NYJ) – We’re still not sold on Donovan McNabb. It’s not that he’s African American, it’s because he’s stinking up the field most games. If the Jets can string four quarters of football together this week, look for them to get the big “W” against an Eagle’s team with a lot of injuries. Jets by 10.

Tennessee vs Tampa Bay (TB) – This should be a great match-up with two teams looking to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. Jeff Garcia’s team looked pretty bad last week against the Colts, but then again, who doesn’t? Tennessee didn’t look much better against the Falcons. Our coin flip yields a head. Tampa by three.

Carolina vs Arizona (AZ) – The Cardinals are beginning to look for real and the Panthers are still stumbling through the season. Don’t be fooled by last week’s anomaly, Carolina still stinks. Expect lots of Edgerrin James on the ground as Julius continues to count his money and maybe will block another poor kick with his elbow. How bad is it? Vinny might actually start. Cards by 10.

New England vs Dallas (NE) – We love the Cowboys this year. They play great football and for the most part they look to be having fun doing it. Shame of it is, we generally love to hate these guys. Okay, it helps that Romo, Whitten and Owens are on my fantasy team. That said, New England is just a more sound football team and will take the fun out of “Big D” this weekend. Patriots by 14.

Oakland vs San Diego (SD) – Norv Turner is still awful, but Oakland is worse. I’d expect plenty of LT, Antonio Gates and maybe even little Michael Turner in this week’s blowout. Chargers by 20.

New Orleans vs Seattle (NO) – I guess those of us without plans on Sunday night might actually have to watch this debacle. Seattle has all the tools, but seems to be constantly faced with injury issues. New Orleans on the other hand is just plain awful this year and don’t look close to getting a win. Hassleback will find a way. Seahawks by seven. Totalpoints in this one with “Price is Right” rules? 40.

Jim’s Picks:
Minnesota at Chicago(Chicago)
St. Louis at Baltimore(Baltimore)
Philadelphia at NY Jets(Philadelphia)
Miami at Cleveland(Cleveland)
Washington at Green Bay(Green Bay)
Cincinnati at Kansas City(Kansas City)
Tennessee at Tampa Bay(Tennessee)
Houston at Jacksonville(Houston)
Carolina at Arizona(Arizona)
New England at Dallas(New England)
Oakland at San Diego(San Diego)
New Orleans at Seattle(Seattle)Need total points on this game, the SundayNighter……
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