Page-Grimsley LIVE! (Page stuns unbeaten Grimsley 24-23)

Jamieson Stadium
Greensboro, NC

Time: End of the Game

Grimsley 23 – Page 24

Current Situation
End of Game.

Game Notes

Page pulls off a big upset. What a game!

Check here throughout the evening for live updates on all the action!
To listen to a live broadcast of tonight’s game with’s own
Andy Durham, tune your radio to AM950 or visit
for all the play-by-play coverage.

25 thoughts on “Page-Grimsley LIVE! (Page stuns unbeaten Grimsley 24-23)

  1. Great game! 950 am is the place to be! Can’t wait to see the write up on this site. Since this site is run by a bunch Grimsley fans , I’m hoping that you actually do write up the game. Newman is a playa! He need to play for the Heels!

  2. Iwas at the game, congrats to the Pirates, tough loss because of a missed extra point and a bad snap late in the game. Oh well, I guess this adds to the rivalry. OH yeah what a turnout for the Whirlie Faithful, never seen the whirlie side so packed. Go WHIRLIES!

  3. First off guys, great coverage! Thanks to Andy and Jim for a great radio call and great work with the live scoring here (I am assuming Paul L. is to thank for that). I listened to the game while in the car and followed most of the second half at greensboro sports. Big win for the Pirates! Page is back and like McFadden and Whitehead once said “Ain’t no stopping us now!”

  4. On a serious note, this game really took me back a few years. As a graduate of Page, I was fortunate enough to be on the positive end of all but one of the games we played against Grimsley during my time there. While the wins were plenty, the majority of the games I witnessed were very close, much like last night’s.

    It was nice being able to tune into the broadcast yesterday evening despite now living in another state. While I only listened to the first 2 ½ quarters sporadically, once I tuned into the 3rd quarter with Page trailing 16-7, I was there to stay. While I considered turning off the game when Grimsley completed the halfback option pass for a TD , the ghosts of Pirates’ past seemed to will me to keep listening, reminding me of those past feats of the late 80’s and early 90’s.

    Special thanks to the Jim and Andy for the broadcast, Doug C. for the live updates over here, and yes, even Paul for his contribution as well. Even though I haven’t followed Page or the rivalry for years, it was great to have the opportunity to sit back and listen to a fantastic game with a perfect ending.

  5. Doug did a super job of getting the word out about the broadcast and gave everyone the updates here at the web site. It seems like everyone had a great time following this game and it’s fun to read all the comments and to see people become interactive with talk and reaction to what turned to be one whale of a game.

    The atmosphere was like a state championship contest or maybe larger because both teams and the fans put on quite a show. I wish we could have more events like this one. It reminded me of some of the Dudley-Smith games at A&T a few years back when the games were actually close, the crowds were huge, and everybody was into the game.

    You have to give again give Doug a ton of credit for setting up this game tracker and then for the follow-up and good job by Jim Modlin and Paul Lambeth at the game site, although Paul’s rendition of Don Meredith’s , “Turn out the Lights the Party’s Over” may have set us back a few years and ears.

  6. Jamos, hate to say it like this, but back when Page went 0-10, the same kicker that starts for Grimsley now, Stefan Shepard.. played for Page that year and missed more PATs and game winning field goals in pressure situations that year that you can count with 2 hands. He missed a critical PAT that basically lost the game for Grimsley, and he also muffed/bobbled all three Grimsley punts. The last one, or all of them for that matter, weren’t bad snaps at all, he just found a way to “mess up”, he is just known to be a choke, which is why he left Page.

    But hey, I’m not complaining one bit, just letting you in on some insight.

  7. Wow what a game! The whirlie side ws packed and we have to have the best student section in the state. Great job by page and both teams played well just hate to see grimsley lose. Both of these schools should go far in the playoffs

  8. Page 44 thanks for the info, but what a game? hopefully u guys will drop one to EF , HPC, or NWG and we can still claim the confrence crown( if we go unbeaten that is). BUt whatevr, I just thought this would be the year we made it four in a row. Because, I think ur right there will be a lot of rebuilding at GHS next year. Who knows who the QB will be? I know we should still have Keenan Allen, who is a star in the making. But otherwise it looks like Alma Pinnix Dr. will be at it again with Will Newman at the helm and a young group of talent rising up.

  9. OH YEAH, do u think ( anyone who has knowledge on the NCHSAA playoff enrollment #’s) GHS AND PHS could meet again in the playoffs? Cosidering how they split the 4a into single a and double a classifications( GHS usually goes 4aa and PHS 4a). What would GHS and PHS fall under for this years enrollement? IF they could meet, that would be a great rematch.

  10. No one knows yet. The ADM numbers arn’t out till the saturday after the last Friday football game, i think that saturday is November 3rd. A rematch would be pretty awesome, but I think Page is taking it one week at a time to regain the conference crown.

  11. OK, yeah I guess GHS should be doin the same. Even though we only have Smith, NWG, and EF left to play. But I did hear that the East QB has some talent, and NWG has pulled out some surprising victories ( ragsdale and mt. tabor). Just hope they don’t look past anyone, but I’m sure someone will pay the price for the loss against Page. But I think its safe to say the whirlies and pirates will both represent Greensboro in the playoffs. Page44, Has Will Newman recieved any interest from div 1 schools?

  12. To Page Pirates44: your info on Shepherd is wrong. He was perfect in PATs his frosh year, made several FG’s and was dependable on a 0-10 team. His soph year he made all but two bobbled snapped XP’s, and was 1 for 2 FG’s…so get your story straight, yourself. If you had any knowledge of the game, you’d realize that it’s a team game and one player doesn’t make or break a team…but it’s obvious, even though you have a 44 next to your name, that you never played the game. Check the stat books, idiot. Your type never knows what happened, but rather, speaks without accurate information. It’s your type (those that speak but cannot play) that slanders those who can.

  13. to pagepirtes44, you really should check facts before you spout so many untruths!! Shepherd was very successful both fresh and soph yrs at Page. AND, the current Pages kickers stats (I wont name call like your low class self)–were WORSE last year than either of shepherds years previous to him. Again check the books!! He missed at every game halfway through the season!!
    LOOK at all the players not playing at Page! You cited them yourself! Perhaps it wasnt just Coach Via leaving but the new coaches STYLE?? Have you actually talked to those kids?? They would play if they wanted to. Kids dont NOT PLAY in high school because the coach left– they dont play because they dont like the new rigime!! WHY??

  14. I remember him missing a game winning FG, very late in the forth quarter against North Forsyth that year, we lost 7-9.. we would have won 10-9. Also, that year we lost to Grimsley too 22-23, 2 missed PATs was the deciding factor in that game, much like the 1 missed this past Friday against Page.

    Yeah, you are 100% right about one player doesn’t make or break a team. I was just stating that when it was his time to contribute to the team, he came up a little short. No hard feelings. Your right I shouldn’t have said it the way I did, but it was right after the game. I guess I shouldn’t post stuff on the internet until the next day and the hard feelings and what not are gone.

    He has also stated himself that, “the page kids hate me”. On Facebook, the Page students were talking about this past Fridays game and one of them said, “Stefan we don’t hate you, we just hate how you choked as our kicker”.

    I’m certainly not the only one who has said something about it. Apparently he knows about what has been said too. Why would he have switched schools all of a sudden?

    Ive seen every Page game for the past 6 years, I know what happened.

    Also to Whirlie now and forever, I’ve actually talked to all of the players that left in 05, Cameron Booker left Page because he didn’t want to share snaps with Remene Alston, Chris Carter left Page because his father didn’t want him playing for a 0-10 team (he told me that himself). Fred Robinson left Page for Dudley because of a starting position. Grey Goley and Rotha Ksa, I have both talked to. They have both stated that they didn’t want to play football for Page because they didn’t agree with the firing of Coach Via and staff, not because they didn’t like Coach Gillespie. I know all of these guys because i was a student at Page and i graduated in 2006.

  15. I guess the players say different things dependant on who they are talking to-
    I was told differently by a few of them. I too have friends at both schools.

    You and I may not have all the facts on all the players including Shepherd- because IT IS JUST football. Its not life and certainly not everything.

    I watch games to but that doesnt mean I know all that happens. You havent been a student there for a couple years now.

    You assumed much when attacking another publically- and still do. …”I know what happened” ….”why would he have swithced schools all of a sudden?”

    Is that a question or an assumption?? Its an implied assumption.

    I am glad you recognize 1 player does not make or break the team.
    MANY mistakes were made on BOTH teams by MANY players. I believe a FG was missed by Page.

    It is not about the individual– its about the entire team. Please keep it that way. I agree you should wait til the next day to comment. Dont sling dirt.

    We CAN all get along when comments are in the spirit of healthy competition AND good sportsmanship– but when they are derogatory and blaming they are
    not appropriate.

  16. Hey 44…its interesting that you remember a missed FG….not that it was blocked by someone who came through the middle of the line…or that you yourself didn’t contribute very well to the Page 0-10 season. Perhaps if someone named Latham had done his part, a FG wouldn’t have been blocked or a tackle would have been made that could have made a difference. Perhaps if that player had been a team player,and not a self serving, individualistic person, the team would have been lead to a better performance. We know who you are, we’ve seen you be beaten too. And the record book is clear…obviously your memory is not. Now get off your high horse and leave the kid alone, unkess you want your mistakes to be dragged out by those who have all the facts…how’s that GPA these days? Page grad…give me a break!

  17. someone who knows.. would you like to come from behind your username and tell us who you are. If you care so much..

    Im JJ Barile, i graduated from Page in 2006, Kevion graduated in 07.

  18. Now that the dust has settled, back to HS football. Page 44, what about that info on Newman? There has to be a handful of schools looking at him just for his atheletic ability alone. I did come up from Wilm. to see the game, he does look about 6’1″, but a little skinny. I know he is only a Junior, but if they get that kid in the weight room during the off sesaon (put on 10-15 lean lbs.) he would truly be a force to reckon with. Man, the more I think about it, we may see the Pirates of old next season (the teams that scared the crap out of their opponenents on both sides of the ball). Any big defensive stars coming up in the Page ranks?

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