Johnny comes marching home

The results for this week’s CiCi’s Pizza NFL picks contest are in and as the title suggests, Johnny has come marching home, as Johnny is this week’s winner in another photo finish that required the total points to be used again as the tie-breaker. Something told me this contest was going to end up getting tight and it also might be getting the contestants tight as well.

Here are the results from this week’s race. Big Jim lead all participants going 11-2 but since Jim is one of our registered experts he is not eligible for the prize. Rob began the season as a participant and then became a winner and now sits on our expert panel and is part of the board of directors. I did find it interesting that one of our players, Stu I think it was, went with Big Jim’s picks last week and came up empty as Rob finished way ahead of Jim, and then this week Stu switches to Rob’s selections and Big Jim goes 11-2. Go Figure.

Here are the figures:Johnny and JA Joey finished in a dead heat, both players going 10-3 and then the Sunday night game was the decider with the Johnny going with 32 points and Joey saying 21 and the total being 59. One of our players picked Denver to win and had the total at 60 but his overall record was only 9-4.

The final countdown:Big Jim 11-2, Johnny and Joey 10-3, Big C 9-4, Dan 9-4, jasonb 9-4, Marshall 9-4, Rick 9-4, PagePirates44 8-5, April 7-6, Chuckyd 7-6, Rob 7-6, Stu 7-6…..

We will do it all again next week and until then, Good Luck on your picks and don’t call Paul if you want to win it all. You may be in for an unsuccessful Fall. Things could get better if you squall for Rue Pall at 790 the Ball. Better yet, go see Doug the Greek at the Four Seasons Mall.

Who is this guy, “Billy the Blogging Poet”? I can beat this dude at Rhyming every timing, and if you don’t believe me call my agent, Carl E. Simon.