Ric Flair is still here, but for how long?

Known Drug dealer brags about supplying Steroids to Ric Flair:

Ric Flair could wrestle on forever but then again his time in the WWE has probably come to an end, and will TNA wrestling now want his services? How long will Flair’s health hold out after what we will be reading here today?

Was Flair running with the Devil and has his time of styling and profiling come to a legendary ending? Is it all over for the Nature Boy? Should we call in Bruce Mitchell and the doctors? Read this and see what you think….

John Todd Miller, a former steroid dealer for pro wrestlers, credits helping Ric Flair look good well past his physical prime by supplying him with steroids, reports Sunday’s Palm Beach Post (Fla.).

A long feature story by Hal Habib includes numerous revelations and allegations regarding the former drug dealer to pro wrestlers. “To compete, you’ve got to use them,” he says, now free of legal trouble after becoming a key government witness against James Gahan, a father facing drug charges for supplying steroids to his 13 year old athlete son. “I can tell you that there’s probably 95 percent of the athletes out there, that are in professional sports, are using it. It’s not just wrestlers.”

Miller said he cried for three days after Eddie Guerrero died. He rationalized that Guerrero didn’t die due to effects from the steroids he sold him, but rather from pain pills.

Regarding Flair, he says: “He looks terrible [now]. Yeah, he’s gotten flabby. He’s just not looking the way I had him looking.”

Flair didn’t respond to the newspaper’s request for comment, nor did WWE. The article points out that Flair denied he used steroids when his wife claimed he was a steroid abuser in her divoce papers in 2005. Flair said his wife was trying to humiliate him, but Flair admitted to steroid use in his autobiography, noting that when he was diagnosed with a heart condition, he “initially thought steroids might be responsible, but his doctor dismissed the theory.”

Miller said he had dinner at Flair’s home many times and considered Flair a walking billboard for his “services.” Miller bragged about being the top supplier of steroids to wrestlers. He said “testosterone,” the drug found in large quantities in Chris Benoit’s body, is the drug of choice among wrestlers.

Pete Gruner, who wrestled as Billy Kidman, told police he introduced Brian Adams, who died this summer, to Miller.

Dan Spivey, Joe Malenko, and Paul “Big Show” Wight were also named as customers.

Miller said it’d be nice if sports were clean, but he’d do it again if he could “just to help the guys.” Presumably, he means the ones still alive. Ultimately, though, he says maybe sports shouldn’t exist, period. “We should watch movies instead of watching them get torn up.” He said they don’t deserve the beating they get for our entertainment.
*****we credit Wade Keller, Bruce Mitchell and the Pro Wrestling Torch at www.pwtorch.com for information used in this article*****