Blue And Gold Everywhere

I was out and about Thursday afternoon, at one of the Super Stores on West Wendover, I saw a lot of Aggie Sportswear on display.

ABOUT TIME – The NC A&T University has been around long enough that every sporting goods store should be carrying Aggie-Pride clothing. IIt appears that home-coming makes everyone an Aggie fan.

Hopefully, the school will get their share of the profits as everyone will be an Aggie this weekend.

One thought on “Blue And Gold Everywhere

  1. Man, I’ve seen Aggie stuff around for years. Especially at that Wal-Mart on Wendover.

    And only a segment of our population will be Aggie fans this weekend. The rest of us just have to put up with all the nonsense that comes with it. Especially from all the knuckleheads that invade High Point Road Friday and Saturday night.

    I wonder how many of them can even spell A&T?

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