High School football for Ocotber 26, 27, and 29….

I don’t foresee any games being played tonight in Guilford County because of the heavy rain and it looks like we have a heavy helping of games coming up on Saturday and Monday with of the early returns showing Monday as the night of choice.

Here’s what we learned so far from our partners and good friends at the News and Record and www.news-record.com:

Page at High Point Central, 7 p.m. Monday

Eastern Guilford at West Stokes, 7 p.m. Saturday

East Forsyth at Grimsley, Monday, 7pm….
*****We also received news earlier this morning that Western Alamance at Dudley will be played on Monday evening at 7pm and we will have that game and updates of other county games for you LIVE on AM950.*****

Just a few minutes ago:Southeast Guilford says they are playing tonight at 7:30. Coach Fritz says they have to get this game in tonight and that Eastern Randolph better be ready. I may go to this one, it should be a sight as Opie used to always say.
Talked to Northeast Guilford and they will be at Rockingham County on Saturday night at 7pm.
Got through to the main office out at Northwest Guilford and they said they will be playing Smith on Monday at 7:30, most Monday games are 7pm we’ll wait and see.
John Newsome of the News and Record had the update on Western Guilford at Bartlett Yancey Monday at 7pm:this game is in Caswell County(that’s where BY is located, right Channing Crowder?) John had WG and BY going on Friday in the comment box but the main www.news-record.com site had it going down on Monday and that’s an updated version and we’ll go with the Monday kickoff…
+++++I can’t believe they are playing games tonight but we will keep you updated with help from www.news-record.com+++++

We will continue to update this site throughout the day and into the evening if necessary. We will also have our weekly picks showing up here in just a few minutes so stand by.

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Scheduling updates:Southern Guilford at Reidsville Monday at 7:30…..High Point Andrews at Southwest Guilford 6:30 Monday…..The only game we see set to be played tonight is EASTERN RANDOLPH at SOUTHEAST GUILFORD 7:30PM

The games for this week and how we see them with help this time around from our special advisor Colonel Robert L. Parker with the 82nd Airborne based out of Ft. Bragg.

East Forsyth at Grimsley>Whirlies by a TD, EF stayed within 2 points of Page and Whirlies are at home.(7pm Monday)

Northeast at Rockingham County>Rams by 22, bothced snap and forced to run for a two-point conversion.(7pm Saturday)


Western Alamance at Dudley>21-13 score with WA on top led by QB Donald Britt, he is the difference-maker.(7pm Monday)

Southern Guilford at Reidsville>SG Storm falls by 14. It’s a numbers game and Reidsville has more outstanding athletes.(7:30 Monday)

Page at High Point Central>Pirates win it 35-21.(7pm Monday)

Eastern Randolph at Southeast Guilford>Falcons pull off a three point victory, a Terrance Topps field goal mid-way through the 3rd quarter wins it.(I may have to retract that FG, how they gonna kick a field goal in this mess?) 7:30 Tonight

Eastern Guilford at West Stokes>EG 31-21, Will Gann another 39-yard field goal.(7pm Saturday)

Western Guilford at Bartlett Yancey>Hornets prevail 42-21.(7pm Monday)

High Point Andrews at Southwest>Andrews pulls it out 21-20.(6:30pm Monday)

Smith at Northwest>NWG by 3 TD’s.(7pm Monday)

*****Will Southeast Guilford and Coach Fritz Hesenthaler throw in the towel?*****