If I were a betting man…….

Just when I thought it was safe to post some point-spread picks, WHAMMY 3-11.
32-53-3 for the season: let’s see what the slate holds for this week.

Wisconsin –9 vs. Indiana: Bruce talks about value plays, well this looks like a bargain as the Badgers are traditionally tough at home.

FSU -17 over Duke just on the principal that no matter how bad the Noles are looking they figure to be at least three scores better than the Blue Devils at Doak Campbell.

Vandy -13 ½ vs. Miami-Ohio: Ok most weeks a team like Vandy coming off a win like they had against South Carolina would be a good candidate for a letdown. But getting to face a opponent like this will ensure that the Commodores come out like a “Brick House” as opposed to “Easy as Sunday morning”.

Southern Cal +3 vs. Oregon: Yes the Ducks provide one of the most hostile environments west of Baton Rouge but the Trojans getting points? Man you have to take that and run.

Maryland +3 vs. Clemson: Tommy Bowden is on the hot seat, and when the coach is in trouble teams tend to come out tight. Plus continued porous conditions around the DC area will ensure that conditions are not ripe for the Tigers style of play.

Nebraska +20 against Texas: Ok Callahan is good as gone from Lincoln but I bet his boys give him an inspired effort and even though I don’t see it being enough to bring home the bacon I do see it being enough to cover against a Texas team that has been playing uninspired all season.

In the pros:

Q: If the Giants were to change their uniforms to green for their game this weekend in jolly old England would that make them the Jolly Green Giants? NYG -10 vs. Miami

Of course the team from Gotham that normally wears green should also do pretty well this weekend. Jets -3 vs. Buffalo

The Eagles are on the verge of playing themselves out of playoff contention before the time changes, look for them to right the ship for at least one week. Phi -1 vs. Minn

Just on a hunch I will take the Skins +16 ½ against the Pats. Sure New England might well keep the 1972 Dolphins from sipping their champagne but I still see the Skins defense slowing down the Pats to keep them from covering for the first time all season.

And on MNF I will take Green Bay +3 against the Broncos

4 thoughts on “If I were a betting man…….

  1. Paul, I think it is fair to say that you only went 3-10. While you did miss BOTH ends of that parlay, it can only count as one loss. If you had gotten one side of it right, it would still count as one loss but no win. Unless I counted wrong…I think you went 3-10.

  2. 3-3 on Saturday. I give you credit, you nailed the Nebraska outcome and the Wiskey game….not so much on Clemson. The five pro games will tell the tale. Good Luck.

  3. 1-3 on Sunday. The Pats look unstoppable right now and BB will not go easy on anybody and the linesmakers know it. I think we will see plenty of “higher than normal for the NFL” lines for the Pats from here on out. I am curious to your thought process for the MNF pick. I don’t think it is a bad pick, just wonder how you came to your conclusion.

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