I placed a header graphic on the site today to remind people to vote on Tuesday, November 6th. You can also vote early at several places.

It appalls me that only 7% of Greensboro’s citizens control what happens when it comes to the quality of life in Greensboro. That’s a FAILING GRADE in any course. I doubt we have any weird candidates that might do anything like enact cannibalism as the city motto; but they could when 93% of the registered voters fail to even show up.

We have some serious issues in government. Our taxes are going up because we closed a perfectly good landfill because people who purchased houses nearby were upset that the new house they bought was near a landfill that has been operating for decades. We have a Police Department that if you believe one newspaper will be soon featured as FOX’s next big police drama series – who needs News Orleans (K-Ville). We pay a facility manager that costs the city over a quarter a million dollars, when a private contractor would do the same job for a percentage of the profits.

When the NAZI Party took over Germany in the 1930’s, it was because the Germans didn’t care about government and apathy took them to war. Where will apathy take Greensboro?