April is the Winner of the Pizza dinner

April was the Cici’s Pizza NFL Picks contest winner this week and it was another close race with the points deciding the winner.

April and Marshall both finished tied at 10-2 but April got the win when she was closer in the points chase with the total being 59 and April went with 45 and Marshall called it at 36. New England 52-7 over the Redskins and April takes home the CiCi’s Pizza.

Also doing a good job and finishing at 10-2 were Johnny and PagePirates44 but they are both previous winners. The full run-down went April 10-2, Marshall 10-2, Johnny 10-2, PagePirates44 10-2, Big Jim 9-3, jasonb 9-3, Rick 9-3, Rob 9-3, Big C 8-4, chuckyd 7-5, JA Joey 7-5, Dan 6-6, Justin Smith 6-6, Lisa 6-6, Teddy 4-8……….

We’ll be right back at it next week, so tell your friends to get in and win.

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