WWE Bulletin Board:Chris Masters/Harry Smith suspended, JBL’s wife receives death threats, Fabulous Moolah dead

STAMFORD, Conn., November 2, 2007 – In accordance with its Substance Abuse and Drug Testing Policy, WWE today suspended the following performers for violations: Chris Mordetzky (Chris Masters) for 60 days (second violation) and Harry Smith (D. H. Smith) for 30 days (first violation). *You say Harry Smith is following in his dad’s footsteps? Davey Boy Smith, one of the British Bulldogs, died due in part to Steroid Abuse.*

The Times Online in the U.K. reports that Smackdown announcer JBL’s wife has received death threats following a recent stock downgrade. JBL has been married to CIBC analyst Meredith Whitney, who downgraded her stock evaluation of Citigroup, causing an estimated $369 billion loss in value to the company’s stock. Citigroup investors issued death threats to Whitney following her evaluation.

The news comes as Citigroup’s CEO Charles Prince will resign from the company this weekend, with an emergency meeting being held by board members. In reports on the death threats, JBL is curiously referred to as “Death Mask,” a gimmick he used for the WAR promotion in Japan in the 90’s.

WWE.com reports that Lillian Ellison, known as the Fabulous Moolah, has died at her home in Columbia, S.C. Ellison was recognized as the Women’s World Champion from the ’50s to the ’80s and ran a troupe of women’s wrestlers who held a virtual monopoly over available jobs in the major territories. She brought the women’s title back to prominence nationally in a mid-’80s WWF feud with Wendi Richter. She worked in WWE as a comedy supporting player for the past several years, paired with Mae Young.
*****info from Wade Keller and www.pwtorch.com*****