Who stole Virginia Tech’s jerseys?

We’re going to the Police

from Ben Maller and www.foxsports.com:

Virginia Tech may file a police report in Atlanta to get to the bottom of how four jerseys went missing from its locker room Thursday in Bobby Dodd Stadium, an athletic department official said Monday. Director of Football Operations John Ballein sent an e-mail to Georgia Tech’s equipment manager on Monday to see if anything new had been learned. As of Monday afternoon, Ballein had not heard back. Depending on what Georgia Tech uncovers, Virginia Tech may put the matter in the hands of Atlanta police, Ballein said. “I think it’s a serious thing,” Ballein said. “When you have four jerseys disappear, that’s state property. Anything that’s missing could be an issue.” Before the game, Virginia Tech issued a release that said the jerseys had not been stolen. But Glennon said Hokies equipment managers told him that someone had indeed sneaked into the locker room and nabbed the jerseys. “They didn’t want to make a big deal of it and make Georgia Tech look bad,” Glennon said. “But it was stolen.” Washington Post