More on News and Record transfers

We have mentioned many of the transfers that showed up in Robert Bell’s Sunday N&R front page feature. The Zach Maynard and Keenan Allen brotherhood was first talked about here at We also talked in detail earlier in the season about James Scales III and Stefan Shepherd. Maynard/Allen going to Grimsley from Eastern Guilford, Scales to Grimsley from Northeast Guilford, and Shepherd to Grimsley from Page.

Dennis Jenkins at Dudley from Southern Guilford was also discussed here and on AM950 radio. The N&R did not mention James Hinson Jr. that came to Grimsley from Page. I am now wondering about this young man Robert Wadelington at Page, did he used to be at Smith?

Sean Ples, a freshman at Northwest Guilford, attended Kernodle Middle School and was supposed to be at Western Guilford this year. Sean’s brother Josh Ples plays for Western and they went against each other earlier in the season. Both Ples brothers scored touchdowns in the same game for opposite teams.

Matt Nettesheim was a baseball player and a good one for Northwest Guilford last year and he will suit up for Grimsley this season. You could almost write a book on all the moves that have gone on in basketball in recent years and the best case might Ishmael Hinson who was at Grimsley then went to Smith, and ended up at Northeast Guilford for his last two years. Sam Grooms started hoops at Smith as a freshman and then made his way to Northeast and later ended up at a prep school in Virginia.

Maynard, Allen, Will Newman, James Perry(formerly of the Dudley Academy and early college at NC A&T) Shane Moore( lineman transferred to Northeast) and another kid now an all-conference lineman(Lin Cheek) at Ragsdale all should have been at Eastern Guilford. I had this confirmed when I spoke to Eastern Guilford coach Scott Loosemoore before his game with Southern Guilford last Friday night. Quarterback Will Newman now at Page is the Metro 4-A conference offensive Player of the Year. All of the above should have been at Eastern Guilford. Smith coach Jon Oakley said his school was getting hurt, but Eastern is getting killed. You gotta hope Eastern doesn’t lose fine junior QB Jason Davis or RB Gerrod Herbin before next year.

Robert Bell brought up many good examples, but what we are talking about here is, that with the space allowed he obviously could not mention them all. The Big Picture shows Eastern Guilford has been getting killed with the all the players leaving or refusing to attend EG in the first place.

There are many more out there and if you know of some of the cases we have not mentioned here let us know and if you feel like we are wrong in any of our names or schools we need to hear about that too.

Two more cases and I will close it down for today. You may not know about these but Dudley AD Joe Goddette’s son played football and basketball for Kernodle Middle and now attends the Dudley Academy and plays basketball for Dudley. Probably fits the family schedule better with travel and the like. Northern Guilford’s fine young QB Rocky Scarfone was at Kernodle and was set to attend Western Guilford according to the attendance zones but he ended up at the new Northern Guilford as a Nighthawk instead.
*****I failed to mention earlier that Terrance Hoskins also completed the tri-fecta just like I. Hinson did. Hoskins started his basketball career at Eastern Guilford, moved on to Page and then finished up at Smith and played guard on all three teams. Tim Southern whom we mentioned out of the gate only did a double-double going from Smith to Page after Hoskins arrived at Smith and there is other talk that Southern later went back to Smith but he and Hoskins have both moved on now.*****