Ci Ci’s Pizza NFL picks contest

It’s time again for the NFL picks contest brought to you by Ci Ci’s Pizza on Battleground Avenue and on West Market Street in Greensboro and also located in Asheboro. The weekly winner receives two FREE pizza buffets from Ci Ci’s with drink included.

Here are Rob’s picks for this week:

Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta (TB) – We just can’t see Atlanta winning three in a row. Bucs by 10.

Cleveland vs Baltimore (CLE) – Cleveland may not be winning all their games, but they certainly are competing in them all. Baltimore’s D isn’t enough to win this one. Browns by seven.

Arizona vs Cincinnati (CIN) – Cincy should win this one despite the Cardinal’s resurgence this year. If Chris Henry doesn’t get arrested before Sunday, look for Carson Palmer to have a field day. Bengals by 14.

Carolina vs Green Bay (GB) – No love for the Panthers this week. Packers by 17.

New Orleans vs Houston (NO) – New Orleans should have the goods to out score the Texans in this one. Saints by seven.

Kansas City vs Indianapolis (IND) – Without Larry Johnson, the Chiefs have lost their only real threat to make a difference in this one. Look for Manning to bounce back from last week’s six interception debacle. Colts by 20.

San Diego vs Jacksonville (SD) – While we’re not sold on San Diego, we do think they will win this one. Chargers by 10.

Oakland vs Minnesota (MIN) – Even with the injury to Adrian Peterson, the Vikings are still playing the Oakland Raiders. Expect a defensive struggle with Minnesota winning by six.

Miami vs Philadelphia (PHI) – Will Ricky fail a drugtest before this game begins? Does it really matter? Eagles by 10.

NY Giants vs Detroit (NYG) – This looks to be an interesting match-up between two teams that both need a win badly. The Giants have the goods to pull this one off. New York by three.

Pittsburgh vs NY Jets (PIT) – Will the real Pittsburgh Steelers please step forward? This is one of those games that the Steelers should win, but given their losses this year we have to wonder if they are on the cusp on blowing another? Regardless, it’s still the Jets they are playing, Pittsburgh by seven.

Washington vs Dallas (DAL) – Dallas just looks too strong to screw this one up. Cowboys by 10.

St. Louis vs San Francisco (STL) – We think that Saint Louis can win two in a row this week and begin their playoff run. Yeah right, but seriously, we still think they will win. Rams by a FG.

Chicago vs Seattle (SEA) – Is Greise or Grossman starting? Who cares? Seahawks by 10.

New England vs Buffalo (NE) – New England just looks too strong in this one. Will anybody knock them off the pedestal this season? If so, hopefully Belichek will have someone taping it. Pats by three TDs. Totals Points? 52.

Big Jim Modlin’s picks for this week:

NY Giants at Detroit(Detroit)
Oakland at Minnesota(Minnesota)
Tampa Bay at Atlanta(Tampa Bay)
Carolina at Greens Bay(Green Bay)
New Orleans at Houston(Houston)
Cleveland at Baltimore(Baltimore)
Kansas City at Indianapolis(Indianapolis)
Arizona at Cincinnati(Cincinnati)
Miami at Philadelphia(Philadelphia)
San Diego at Jacksonville(San Diego)
Pittsburgh at NY Jets(Pittsburgh)
Chicago at Seattle(Seattle)
Washington at Dallas(Dallas)
St. Louis at San Francisco(San Francisco)
New England at Buffalo(New England) This is the SundayNighter, give us the total points on this game. Good Luck!