Ci Ci’s Pizza Contest results

Another tight race this week with the points on the Sunday night game breaking the tie-up. The two players in contention for the title ended up locked up at 10-5 and the total points on the New England-Buffalo game came in at 66 and Kathe had a record of 10-5 and she said 57 points, Chuckyd had the same 10-5 record but he had his points at 55. Another good battle being settled at the wire with the Sunday night game total points being the deciding factor.

This week’s totals were Rob 11-4, Kathe 10-5, Chuckyd 10-5, JA Joey 9-6, Big Jim Modlin 9-6, Big C 9-6, Dan 8-7, Lisa 8-7, Johnny 8-7, Marshall 8-7, Roy 6-9.

We’l do it all again later in this week, and may get started earlier than usual with the Holidays coming in, but we plan on sticking with the Sunday games only.

One thought on “Ci Ci’s Pizza Contest results

  1. congratulations kathe-i think this is the third time i have tied maybe i will win some day-chuckyd

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